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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Steiner, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Steiner

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    Here is a good discussion that comes up often here at lawnsite and I thought with new members we should re-discuss it and I could share my story.

    I live on a small residential lot and have just enough room for a small shop (packed) and a place to park my 7x14' dump trailer as well as my f-250 and my wives honda.

    Looking at land we found a nice piece of land that is 65x165 right behind our house. Problem is it is Zoned R-1 residential only with businesses strictly forbidden. Price is about 35,000 and it is in prime location near all of my suppliers.

    So the problem becomes:

    1. Do I keep the stuff at my house and try to fit it all in and make neighbors happy? (I give them free mulch and plants every year)

    2. Do I purchase this land and try to fit my stuff into a shop I might build trying to get around or under all of the rules, and hope the neighbors don't complain.

    3. Do I rent or lease a commercial space and be far away from my customers and where I live.

    4. Do I buy a home and a few acres just out side the city/town and have none of the worries?


    A. How did you guys go about this when you started to grow and what did you pay for your commercial properties if you rented or bought?

    B. How do you feel leaving your service area, driving out to your shop, then driving back in with the cost of fuel?

    C. What advice can you offer to the new guy because we all know this business starts out of your home garage and then spills until your neighbors call....

    -Chris in Central New York
  2. herler

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    What does your business plan say about this?

    I mean seriously, you went into business and after acquiring all the equipment you want to know where to store it?
    And, you didn't make a business plan?

    There are some ways one can store business material at one's home...

    1. Buy a house that's already zoned Ag to begin with.
    2. Find someone with a lot of land who is willing to store your stuff.
    3. Get your lot re-zoned Agricultural.
    4. If that isn't possible some folks build one HUGE storage shed.

    Beyond that you're taking your chances.
  3. tonygreek

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    You already laid out why you shouldn't do this. In no way would I bank on neighbors, potential new neighbors due to someone selling, or a local inspector to continually look the other way. Zoning exists for a reason.
  4. Kelly's Landscaping

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    They have variances here to allow you to run a small home business from your residential property. And my guess is you have that as well the trouble is this what if you apply for one and get turned down. Now you have announced to the town here I am. Id do a lot of research and find a good real estate attorney before Id make that step but if it worked you'd have a killer shop.
  5. djagusch

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    Some advice. I own 5 acres of woods have stuff here and there, garage stuffed. 4 trucks, van, 3 trailers, 6 mowers, a skidsteer just biz stuff. I'm looking for land/shop or a foreclouser with 5 acres to rent the house and build a shop on the land.

    My biggest thing for not setting up a larger shop walking distance of my house is i want to be able to get away from it. Having everything walking distance is that sat afternoon instead of playing with the kids I repair this or that instead. Sure it needs to be done sometime but with what I have going on I need to start seperating home and work. Otherwise all I do is work which is not good for the family.

    You may or not be at that point but if you are successfull you will get there. Also having trucks come in when you are having dinner sucks.

    Other thing land is not deductable buildings are though. If you buy the lot there isn't much positives tax wise until the building is on it.
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  6. Steiner

    Steiner LawnSite Senior Member
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    My business plan is still in effect and I have a space for everything right now I just would like more room for further improvements down the road.

    I want a shop big enough to pull the truck and trailer in without unhooking but that would be really large as the dump and truck are almost 40' long hooked up.

    My wife's father is a real estate agent so I go look at properties all the time.

    I like the idea about having it separate from your home lot that way you are not playing with tools all day Saturday.

  7. Will P.C.

    Will P.C. LawnSite Senior Member
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    It probably will come down to money for you. The commercial spaces around me are not cost effective to rent if you have the money to build your own space.

    I would never count on neighbors no matter how 'great' they are. All it takes is someone thinking your shop is an eyesore or messing up property values so you would need to follow the rules and regs so if they complained it would not matter.

    Some of the guys around me are renting just a spec of land deeply hidden in wooden areas. They throw a rental trailer, rental POD, and park most of the heavy stuff/trucks on the property. These are pretty cool places as they are not on the 'outskirts', but usually right on the route.

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