Stories about your compititon(other LCO's)

williams lcm

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What are your stories about your local lawn guys that intimidate you or just piss you off? We have a guy around here that has a blacked out ford f350 diesel with dark tint. He always reves his motor load when he goes by. He never waves but likes to show off. We had this one big guy(Owner) LCO that used his large size to scare littler lawn guys from doing work in the neighborhood. When I am home another LCO that does a few lawns by my house always has his diesel cranked up when he drives by my house. He has no muffler on his truck so u know when he is driving by. We have guys that race each other at lights with there big bad diesel trucks. It is just friendly compitition to me. I always wave to everybody. I just want to hear the stories?


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Not my personal experience but I have heard of LCO's leaving door knob hangers while the lawns were being mowed by the current LCO. :gunsfirin


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I was doing a job in this subdivision and this guy on a 100 series John Deere rolls by totin his little wagon behind with a curved shaft trimmer and a jug of water. I smiled and waved, he glared, lol. Guess I was movin in on his turf. I talk shop with guys when I see them at gas stations or out on a job. I don't hang out and have beers with any but I'm not against it either.
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personally I pretty much ignore my competition all together. except for a few friends in the business I've made. I don't give them a second thought.

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personally I pretty much ignore my competition all together. except for a few friends in the business I've made. I don't give them a second thought.
Same here. I figure if I'm paying attention to the competition or worried about anything the are doing.

Only story I really have is I just picked up an account from a member of my BNI group. The guy that was mowing it was also a member of another chapter and previously a member of the group I am in.

Needless to say, the company was tired of him mowing their property and two of the three partners wanted to make a change.

So they called me in to give a quote. Ultimately they told me his price per cut, and I was almost 10 bucks more a mow. When he found out he lost the account, he flipped his lid, told them he was taking them to court, and pretty much has talked a bunch of crap about me around town.

Funny thing is though, this guy already has a crappy reputation, so it's no skin of my teeth.


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Makes me wonder
It's very simple worry about yourself. If I worried about every lawn guy I'd have a mental breakdown....
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there are a few compaines by me that do really shotty work, and it seems like i see them working everywhere!!! I also know they charge atleast what i do or more! I dont understand how they keep there customers... i mean for the same price these people are paying for shotty work, they could have a company like mine that will do a fantastic job.

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