Storing materials on jobsites; my theft liability

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Popper357, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Popper357

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    I'm just starting to get away from mowing and into the basic landscaping services. Anyone have experiences with theft from thier jobsites that they would like to share? I am wondering how to store blocks, plants, gravel, dirt, rocks etc. on my jobsites over night? Figure that I can tarp everything but I'd hate to see some stuff get stolen like stones, rocks or anything I brought to the site. Does anyone have experience with thieves and thier liability if materials are stolen from a jobsite overnight? I am wondering if I am responisble for the replacement or materials or if the homeowner is? Seems strange that I'd be responsible because the homeowner could steal my stuff, the property (land) isn't mine and the materials are essentially the homeowners responsibility when I'm not there. Does my Gen Bus. Liab ins. cover this theft if it occurs? I wouldn't even think of claiming unless it was a considerable hit; at least a thousand plus; which would be unlikely unless someone was eager with some heavy equipment. Just wondering how I'll deal with this as a planning excercise. Thanks all!
    Also, Bobcat storage...
  2. Blk94fiveOh

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    Make sure to put something in your contract addressing this issue...I have never had anything stolen from a landscaping project.
  3. i_plant_art

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    if anything is stolen from a jobsite and you dont have povisions for the stuff in your contract about who is responsible then you can plan on "eatting it out of your pocket" normally stealing things isnt a big issue unless it is something of GREAT value around here. i havent had anything stolen that i was too concerned or pissed about a plant here or there but nothing big.
  4. Popper357

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    Thanks guys I'm going to make a note that there has to be a provision in the contract for stolen materials being the property owners responsibility. Thanks again!
  5. Randy Scott

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    Yeah, and when I read that in the contract, I'd tell you to take everything home at night because it's not going to become my problem. What's the homeowner supposed to do, stay up all night and guard the materials? They can't protect it any better than you can.

    Hopefully, you won't have any problems. I don't think it's a real big problem, but I'm sure certain areas will have this issue. I'd be more concerned about a commercial site that gets pretty quiet at night.

    Equipment such as skid-loaders, trailers, attachments, etc.., is covered by our insurance and that's about all you can do. We'll usually put attachments away from the road and if possible under the loader arms or bucket. Almost all machines today have the same key for every unit so if theft was going to happen, not much stopping it. Our Bobcat key could start anyones Bobcat machine and vice-versa. Stupid, but that's what they do.
  6. AL Inc

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    We've never had a problem with materials disappearing, so I can't help you much there. I will move materials to the back yard or to a point where they are hidden behind trees. Just try not to leave stuff out by the street. I will also try to park the skid steer and attachments where theya re out of sight.
  7. Henry

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    Talk to your insurance agent. I have coverage for this in my policy. I think it's called an installation floater and is not too expensive. We also have separate coverage for the expensive equipment: skid steer, excavator, mowers, plows. Anything that costs more than $1000.00. The smaller stuff is coverd under miscellaneous tools.

    The only time anything was stolen from a job was about $800.00 worth of plants after the work was completed. At that point they were no longer my plants and the client didn't question it. When we replaced the plants we wrapped 1/4" steel cable around the base of each plant to make it difficult to steal.
  8. sc8per_7

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    Good Day,

    Talk to your Insurance Co. You can add a Installation policy to your current policy, we carry $50,000 coverage to cover all materials and tools excluding Equipment thats a different policy. Make sure it is a floater policy etc. you move from job site to job site it go's with you.

    Thanks, God Bless.
  9. cgland

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    I think it would be your problem untill the customer pays. Thats why we have insurance. Untill they do pay all materials fall under your ownership. Maybe you should hire a security guard or buy a Rottweiller and chain it to your materials. :p

  10. Popper357

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    A rott: "Sir, you might want to keep your cats inside tonight because killer is going to be keeping guard", LOL I am considering a rott for guard around the house; love rotts, shepards, dobes and APBT! I have an awesome fawn red nose female APBT that is to die for (she's not a good a guard as a rott, but she sure scares em)!

    I don't expect many problems with theft but I have learned that I better be prepared. Thanks to all for your input! I've read a lot of good posts!

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