Storing trimmer line in water??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowing Freak, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. Mowing Freak

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    I heard today about professional lawn care people storing trimmer line in water on their trailers. Something about keeping water in the line makes it last longer or something like that. Was wondering if anybody else has heard of this or if it even "holds water" :D ?? I haven't had any trouble with my line, was just wondering?
  2. Floridalandcare

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    I know with the Titanium line it says to store with a wet sponge, as for the other line I dont know
  3. The sun can dry your line out and make it brittle.

    This is why.

    Simple, DON'T strore it in direct sunlight.
  4. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    :D I learn somthing new every day on this site!:)
  5. cajuncutter

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    oldest trick in the really works well. sometimes the line on the trailer gets really dry..I just soak it over the weekend and on monday it is as fresh as the day I bought it...been doing it for 8 years now
  6. lbmd1

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    I found this answer on why soaking trimmer line extends it's life: "Trimmer line is made of nylon and can be a blend of polymers to provide the maximum flexibility and needed stiffness. An odd thing about nylon is its affinity for water. Some polymers can absorb as much as 12% of their weight. The water acts like a plasticizer or softener and thus reduces the chance of shatter or cracking in use and actually imparts some stretch to the line. To some extent, the physical properties of the polymer in the line can be renewed with soaking, but with time this will not work. Old line can't be truly brought back to it's original state. Same thing is true of monofilament fishing line. Generally, the thicker the line the longer you would have to soak it, and 24 hours is not really long enough. Storing it in a plastic bag with a damp cloth is a good idea. In the days of yore, line tended to dry out pretty fast, become brittle and break off easily. Soaking was an old trick from years ago that worked pretty good. Modern line isn't affected by drying out as badly"

  7. kris

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    Ive been doing it in the winter but like someone said never brings it back to its original state. I try and time the purchase so that we almost run out in the fall.
  8. Jimbo

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    Stihl says to soak there plastic tirmmer blades as well.
  9. MPhillips

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    I wonder what would happen if mower blades were made of nylon?
  10. KirbysLawn

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    Wonder how long it sits on the shelves at the store before you buy it and it's not soaked in water? I would suggest buying a smaller spool if you are having to soak it in water to improve it.

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