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    I have been debating for a while on getting into storm clean ups. I have a connection with some claims reps and was wondering how other people do it? Ive run a landscaping and tree company in my town for 10 years but would like to add to it by doing storm clean up when things are slower or just for a change of scenery and I can leave some of the guys in town to keep working. any thoughts or feed back would be great.
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    I've never really advertised for it but a few times we have had a big storm I drive around and look for the messes. Quite a few times I would see a tree down or limb across a yard or driveway. I'd stop and knock on the door. Most of the times they want it up ASAP. I'd give them a price and more often than not I would get the job. An extra couple hundred bucks a day sure is nice.

    Last July 4th my neighbor had a "limb" fall across his driveway and blocked them in. He called me up and wanted it gone ASAP. Told him $400 and he said come on. 8 hours later I was done and everyone was happy. Paid for my new chainsaw to
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    We will pick up jobs more cause of our seo then anything. Debris removal can be a pita, but it pays the bills. Having a pressure washer definitely helps land the jobs cause we can get more accomplished for the customer in one trip. We did a roof debris removal last week for like $450-500 I think... About 3-4 man hours so not too shabby
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    IF you have the proper connections, storm damage clean-up can do more than pay the bills. I own and operate a Tree Service in Cherry Hill NJ and we have done quite well during recent storms.
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    What do you consider the other right connections? Insurance companies?
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    Insurance Company connections are VERY RARE, most companies have policies forbidding them from recommending or referring companies. The best connections are Insurance Adjusters.

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