Storms every 2 days....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jbrink01, May 7, 2003.

  1. lawnagent

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    Posted by LGF:
    Boy thats the truth. Alot of the times the raian is either feast or famine.:D
  2. crazygator

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    Why not? Cant save it till then anyway!.....:D

    At my house we have had at least 5" within 2 days. The sun just popped out, looks kinda strange after not seeing it for a while!
  3. Turf Technologies

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    from Florida
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    No rain in the last week here. Very dry and dusty.
  4. CBB

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    from MS/LA
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    I am in the far south, and we have had no rain. Everything is dry.
    Send us a little but keep the tornados. I have to visit my parents just north of Memphis and help them clean up from one hitting their farm.
  5. cblackwe

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    We're all in the same boat w/ the rain and wetness. But, LawnGodFather is right, just wait for July and August!!!:D
  6. Roger

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    The entire week was difficult in this area (SW PA). Nearly every day was working a short schedule. Yesterday morning, about 1" rain fell, but was able to start working at 2:00 p.m. But, this morning was a repeat, but about 1.4" rain, and still drizzling at noon. Now, I'm getting behind with schedule, grass is growing very fast. I had six mowings scheduled today, and eight for Monday (both Sunday and Monday are forecast for more rain). After a very dry early Spring, the last week has been very wet.
  7. gravedigger5

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    I just get the rain coat out and keep on mowing. Mowed a open field during a lighting storm a week and a half ago, thinking the whole time this is crazy:dizzy: Only been a half a day behind even though its been raining every other day. Heck I just came up out of the basement because of a tornado waring we had this morning and another inch of rain. Marc

    jbrink01 Where in the St. louis area are you? I'm on the east side.
  8. Rooster

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    I know why we didn't have much snow in Kansas City this winter! Every day storms and / or Tornados. Been lucky here they've been all around me.

  9. T.E.

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    Don't complain about rain guys it will be hot and dry before you know it. Here in Tulsa OK it is 5" behind in rainfall for this year already after winding up 10" behind for 2001, 2002. All of those storms that came through Thursday,and Friday didn't bring much rain at all, none in some places
  10. brucec32

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    Last three years here, drought. Now we're having floods. I guess it's better than having dead grass in the summer that doesn't need mowing. Still, It'd be nice to get back on a normal mowing schedule.

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