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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Agape, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Agape

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    So I get a call yesterday while driving and a guy with a heavy latino accent says. " hi I've got 5 trees on my property I need an estimate to take them down". I said no problem, can I call you back in a bit at this #? (I was in heavy traffic and hed rented equipment I was trying to get back before the next rental bracket etc...) he almost iterrupted me and raised his voice saying " If you don't help me now, I'll just get someone else!!). I said "Fine get someone else, I'm in the middle of traffic and I can't take down your info this second....ok buh-bye!" and hung up.

    Now truthfully I'd have pulled over and taken the info, but in my 14 years in the industry I know to be fact that........
    " latino's only hire other latinos. They don't call white boys to do cheeto, so no, I didn't give it my top priority. I was going to call back in an hour or so when I was done. also he was rushing through his speech like he was really nervous.

    He called back immediately and said "remember my name...Dick Brown (Me-lol) call me later please I want an estimate"

    I said "ok" but I have no intention of calling this psycho, who went half nuts when I asked to call him back- God help me if I leave a bit of tree root.
  2. EvenCutLawnCare

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    Yea good call on that one. Let someone else deal with him.
  3. SkinnyVinny

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    man thats rediculous.. same kind of thing happened to me yesterday. I gave someone an estimate on Tuesday, told me "ok you got it". Told him sounds good Ill be there Friday and if anything happens (rain, etc.) it will be done on Monday. So I left and put him on the list and I get an e-mail yesterday morning from him asking when I will be there..... I said "like I told you, Friday if not then Monday." it took me a few hours to respond to him as I was working and only had my cell phone to send e-mails. I also apologized for the slow response, explained that previous customers have priority over him, etc.. As I send that e-mail out, I get another one from him saying "sorry to waste your time but I am going with another service. Your inability to answer e-mails promptly has left a our taste in my mouth and shows your lack of reliability. please take me off your list as a customer." ????? I said "Im sorry you feel that way, your off the list and good luck finding another service.". Strange people...
  4. BestImpressions99

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    Man, this thread has really shown where people are in this society (human kind in general, not a jab at Americans). Everybody still wants everything NOW NOW NOW. They don't want to wait.

    Reminds me of a commercial for a furniture company here in town. Pops up the name of the company and the background music is: I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it now. Completely disgusting. That's how we got into this mess in the first place with the economy because people didn't care how they got what they wanted or really even at what price (financially or emotionally). They just have to have it now or no go.

    Customers like that I say good ridence. Actually reminds me of a guy I work with. He's so OCD. Anyway, he wants me to cut his lawn. I put out there to try to drive him away that how far away he lives I'd have to charge him almost $60 in travel charge. (I live almost an hour away from work... 45 minutes from my lawncare job to work). He backed off. There are just some people it's not worth messing with (he's the type that if I had a stragler because of the thickness of the lawn he wouldn't just point it out and ask me to take care of it, he'd go crazy).

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    Yep thus the age of over spending and debt. But everyone needs to have 2 $40,000 cars in the driveway right? :hammerhead:
  6. NJT

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    I would've called this clown immediately and gave him an earful. Answer emails promptly? WTF? People like this deserve to have their asses chewed.
  7. grincon

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    Yeah, us "latinos" only hire other latinos anly shop at latino stores only eat at muchas gracias and only buy products made by other latinos.
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  8. lazyike

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    That what he said......
  9. chesterlawn

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    I just did a good size clean up, pruning, planting and mulching job at a Latinos house. You could not ask for a better or nicer customer.
  10. SkinnyVinny

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    I know right? cant pick up the phone and call me? It wouldnt even be worth the time... kinda glad it worked out this way because it was obviously going to be a pita customer regardless of what I did

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