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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Mar 2, 2001.

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    i did some work today and yesterday for a good customer of mine, an old school italian couple. i work for them, their kids, friends, etc. they feed me a lot. so this week they told me they were gonna kill their chickens. they asked me to bring them to the slaughter house for them. so yesterday i went down there to their shop to bring them a dog cage to put the chickens in. wound up taking the cage up to their house and the wife just grabbed the things 2 by 2 by the wings and tossed them into the cage. it was funny, this lady is like 65 years old, the chickens saw her coming and knew that this was death coming for them. so i brought them down yesterday. today i went and got the carcasses brought them to the shop. had to put the carcasses in the cab of my truck. boy oh boy did it stink. 8 dead chickens, heads, feet, bodies, etc. a good 50 lbs of chicken. i will NEVER do that again. i was just wondering what kind of strange jobs you guys do for your customers?
    this is the chicken bandit signing off
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    Who is Matt and why is he killing you?
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    hehehe Homer, been wondering the same thing since I have first seen one of his posts =).
  4. HOMER

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    Been killing him a long time, must be a cat.
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    i use that saying because my name is matt, i work for some really crazy people. they own the largest lawn mower shop in my county and the one above here. their customer base ranges in 3 states, maybe 5 counties? i mean they are big. so i work for a lot of the people who work there. these chickens were from the father of the owners. one of the sons and the finance guy tells me after i am done workin for them "matt your killin me" they are nuts. but they are good people. they have gotten me thousands of dollars in work. so i try to keep them happy. actually i am going up there tomorow to split wood and whatever. they are really unique people.
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    Matt, your also killin chickens. haha

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