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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by redclay, Feb 12, 2006.

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    looked at doing fert job as sub for lco who maintains adult planned community. most of grass(cant really call it turf in current condition) is along the streets with some open common areas. the problem is the shoulders ( right of way/ setbacks) of street vary from 6ft wide to 20/25 with no consistency. also has some hills which i probably can't keep push spreader on.
    Question: how would you guys suggest I apply the fert? i know its hard without seeing property but looking for ideas. would like to get as much slow release as poss to keep good color and make nice impression. owners had guy last year spray areas with hydroseeder. better than nothing but he ripped them on price for what they got. I have a hydroseeder but i'm concerned about the agitaition breaking down the scu and also about consistency of app. never tried to calibrate the hydroseeder for just fert/water.

    if you look down these streets the grass area is almost wavy and very inconsistent plus hills. any suggestions as to help would be appreciated.
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    Spyker makes a spreader which you carry in front of you with a strap around your neck or shoulders. It holds 20-25# and is very accurate. We use them all the time. For small lawns, hilly properties and lawns that are accessed by stairs they are great.

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