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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowisme, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. mowisme

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    after seeing some things asked of some of you..I had to share this: first let me say..It is a decent account, except for one bank. slow to pay..but does come in eventually. during the peak dandline season..he mentioned maybe mowing twice each mow ( but no mention of extra pay!) but, that idea fell by way side. If he pushed- I would have charged accordingly. but here's a kicker- he is having a woods cut down and it is full of fallen trees and lots of branches and rocks and big boulders. weeds 6ft high. wanted me to mow the weeds and woods area if possible! I told him no-way. I couldn't even get the mower back there- let alone mow over big branches. and boulders! just had to share. I still chuckle on that request. I understand he isn't in this buisness so grace is needed, but it was funny.
  2. Palmer'sLS

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    i would have pulled out my trimmer and said "not a problem, 65 an hour, how much would you lke cut?"
  3. Stillwater

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    You, in my opinon made a mistake, you should have done it for him with a smile. I could give you many reasons why.
  4. Sandgropher

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    Yep thats what trimmers are for, go and give him an estimate. :)
  5. mowisme

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    I could not mow it- trim it..maybe. Everything is 'do-able' with the right equipment. I think he just expected me to mow it with the lawn and at same price ($35) You'd have to see this..It was/is a woods with valley's/creek bed/ton's of rocks/branches on ground. He need's a new Holland or large bob-cat..not a guy with a mower (s). I think I'll recomend somebody to him who has the equipment.
  6. Stillwater

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    Ya that would be a good thing to do find someone, I learned a long time ago to give your customer what they want all the time that is what I am for to provide a service for them. Slow payer but always pays, I got 2 of those but they never not have paid I try not to think about them. dubble cut no problem all you have to do is advise them the cost is x2 and let them decide if they still want it dubble cut.
  7. Woody82986

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    If they want something done, either do it for them yourself or let them know that you have someone who can do it. Either way, charge accordingly. I have found that the less the client has to deal with things, the happier they are and the more willing they are to pull out their checkbooks. Why turn down a job that you can make money on by making a quick phone call to another guy that can do it. Don't let the client make the call... do it yourself and charge accordingly. He does the work... He bills you... you bill the client with your mark up... the client pays you... and you pay the guy. Easy money for a phone call if you can't get the work done yourself.
  8. JJG84

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    i would have rented a brush hog and charged him for the rental + add 110% of rental fees to cover labor and that would be his final charge

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