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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Been mowing a commercial account this year. A motel and RV park combination, plus the owner's house a mile away, which was up for sale. Two weeks ago, the owner came out when we drove up to the business and told me they were going to be closed up a week while they installed cable TV hookups in the RV park, so it would probably be best if we just skipped the next week's mowing (Memorial Day week). I thought it was rather strange for an RV park to close a holiday weekend, but what do I know? Anyway, we went ahead and mowed both properties, and his wife wrote us a check like usual.

    She told me they thought they had the house sold, so to not mow it again until we checked with them (usually mowed the house first, then went to the business). I told her no problem, and that we'd check with them in two weeks. Tried calling the business number over the weekend, but no answer. Had his cell number, but lost it. Tried calling again today, and drove there after servicing a couple of other accounts. No one there, locked cable across the road into the RV portion, and no sign of any work having been done, that I can see. Looked across at another building they owned next door, and a dump truck and some other equipment that was parked there are all gone.

    I'm wondering now if they packed up and left the country in their motor home, which was parked at the RV park when we started mowing for them, but had been moved when we mowed the last time? We're paid up, and their check obviously didn't bounce, but it sure is an odd deal. If they knew they were closing up, why did they go ahead and have us mow? Of course, I may get a call in a few days wanting us to come and mow, but I'm thinking not. :)

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