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  1. Evan528

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    i have a lawn i cut that has a strip about 3 feet wide and the whole lenth of the front yard that is light green while the rest of the lawn is dark green (its through the center of the lawn). i noticed that the end of last year and just figured that she had fertilized with a drop spreader anf missed a few feet..... well this year its still there and i have noticed that now the light green stripe has continued tot he next door neighbors lawn and is now is one long stripe the lenth of the two front yards so oviously its not this womans fertilizing.... anyone no what could be causing this? the light green stripe also dosnt grow much while the rest of the lawn is so long im double cuttting the lawn.weird!
  2. Jason

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    Just a wild guess, is it perhaps a buried line? Say a gas line, sewer/water line etc...<br>Perhaps if there's a buried line the topsoil wasn't replaced. Or lot's of clay mixed in with topsoil when trench was backfilled. Just a guess.
  3. Alan

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    That's my best guess too. Barren subsoil mixed with topsoil when they buried some sort of underground service.
  4. OP

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    but why would this happen all the sudden... ive been cutting this lawn for 6 years and this olnly appeared the end of last year.
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    might be a new form of crop circles<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
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    I would agred with it being some kind of buried utility. How far from the street is it. They are usually in that first 10 ft, but not always.<p>Something could of sprung a leak. If it is a gas line, I might be a little concern.<p>If you really want to find out, call for a utility markout of the property. Its free (at least in my state) and they'll tell you what it might be.<p>Had this happen another way to me. At my own parents house, there was a spot that was ALWAYS green and grew no matter what. Even in a drought. Turned out the septic was right there and it was all backed up, so it just percolated out.
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    maybe the paperboy or mail carriers path. Packs down the soil, when it starts to get dry the packed soil is the first to stress the grass.<p>Bill

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