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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PenningsLandscaping, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. PenningsLandscaping

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    Some of the more veteran guys may have had to deal with this, but I've had great luck so far with my business. This is the worst Craigslist call I've ever gotten:

    House is on 2 acres in an expensive to live in town. The taxes are between 20-30k a year for this type of house and lot.

    Asks me for a price just off the bat, I tell him without seeing it it could be anything, so I need an address first. He gives it to me, and I tell him I'll check it out and call him back, since he just bought it and hasn't moved in yet.

    So again, huge (for nj) with tons of trimming. I'd say around $130, but decide to pass. I make out way better cutting small lawns than I do the big ones, and my schedule had had no trouble filling up the last two years. Every large lawn I've ever gotten also skips out on installs, additional maintenance, ect. I was already told there would be none of this in my future.

    I call him back and tell him I'm not the right company for him, and he should call a larger outfit that can price larger lawns more competitively.

    The he starts yammering on about I'll pay you $45 a week for the whole year, including snow removal. And how this is such a great deal for me, I'll make out great. With no snow it comes out to like 80 bucks a cut. I tell him no, but he insists on staying on the phone and trying to sell me on it like some telemarketer. Call went on for like 10 minutes with me just saying no.

    Anyone had someone do this?
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  2. weeze

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    2 acres would be about $100 a cut where I live.

    but that is a weird call.
  3. PenningsLandscaping

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    I run only walk behinds. I can do 2 acres for $100 but I just don't want to.
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  4. weeze

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    oh yeah you don't need to mow 2 acres unless you have a ztr. it's too big for walk behinds.

    heck I wish I could mow 1/4 acre yards all day for $40 a cut. people with those sized yards all mow it themselves here. I have a few but not many. I mostly get calls for 1-4 acre yards. they take a lot of time for a homeowner so they don't want to fool with it and hire someone to do it for them.

    the small yards they mow it themselves since it doesn't take very long.

    a perfect situation would be to live in a city and have all 1/8 acre yards or less and mow them with a 21". in and out in 30min or less.
  5. PenningsLandscaping

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    There isn't many yards that big in my immediate area, with big yards probably 25 percent mow themselves, 50 percent are cheap and will only get EOW or sell it to the lowest idiot bidder, and 25 percent get a quality company to do a quality job.

    Most of my lawns are around 5k or less. I have a handful that are around 30.
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  6. twomancrew

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    Why work when you can not work and buy stuff with a tax return? Remember me and did you ever buy that 61" Scag you couldn't wait for your return to get here over? Good luck this year, keep turning down work- I'll pay your part don't worry.:usflag:
  7. herler

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    Oh yeah I've had folks who would not take no for an answer.

    Which is how and why I have learned when my answer is no, I normally don't bother calling back.
    I may refer them to someone else, but first I find out if someone else is even taking on more work.
    But I don't call them back just to tell them my answer is no.
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  8. PenningsLandscaping

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    I get a tax return cuz I pay estimated taxes, have another job, and am I student.

    So before you assume you're "paying for something for me". Learn about tax credits.

    I was going to let go of calling you a moron, arrogant, and a general buffoon before, but hey, since you're obviously a prick I might as well join in.

    And I don't work for my money cuz I turned down 2 acres for less than $80? You would do that? Have fun, maybe you can write your losses off on your taxes next year and "steal" a little something for yourself.

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  9. OakNut

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    I've only had one person try to sell me on the job.

    I went to look at a property and when I arrived, I noted it was a mansion in an old, semi-upscale part of the city. It was a corner lot and was quite a bit larger than any of the neighboring homes.

    I met the owner and we walked the property. Long story short, I told him it was a bit larger than I felt comfortable taking on by myself - "This is a job best suited for a crew of 3 guys", I told him.
    "Are you sure? We'd really like if you could take care of it."

    We went back and forth a bit and finally, I laughed and said "You know, I'm the one who's supposed to be convincing YOU to take me on, not the other way around!"

    We talked a bit more and I made the offer to do the first cut (cleanup) and one more regular cut and see if it was something I could handle before committing to a full season. Deal.

    In the end it worked out. It's my biggest job and takes between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes depending on which mower I use and how much growth we get.

    I dunno what the deal was - why they wanted ME to mow their property. I can only assume that they wanted ONE person and not a "crew" and that they had read my reviews online.
  10. weeze

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    oh yeah you'll never get big yards to do weekly unless they are super rich. most every yard down here is EOW. I only have 3 weekly accounts. only the super rich get weekly down here.

    ...but there's more money in the big EOW accounts.

    I cut one that is 2 1/2 acres i do 2 times a month and make $250 a month.

    I have one that is around 4 acres I do 2 times a month and make $350 a month.

    I have a weekly yard I do for $45 a cut and make $180 a month, another 2 weekly yards I do for $50 a cut and make $200 a month each.

    so you see more money in bi weekly big yards they just take longer and if you ever lose one it's a huge chunk of money out of your pocket.
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