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  1. weeze

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    it doesn't look bad at all if you do it right. in fact it looks better and more professional if done correctly.

    think of it as a tree with a tree ring around it. looks better than just a tree out in the yard with nothing around it.
  2. chefcam864

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    I'm not sure about that one... Can you post a pic of it? I'm imagining a tree with an eccentric circle of yellow, dead grass or barren dirt.
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  3. weeze

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    if you do it right there's about and inch or two of dirt around the base of the tree or sign or whatever. you can't even notice it until you walk right up to the tree. if you look across the yard you can't even tell there's no grass right next to the tree or sign.
  4. Mikegyver

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    I agree with Weeze. if done right it looks fine. The roundup just keeps the dirt bare. Then keep it scalped weekly.
  5. weeze

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    it must be a regional thing.

    where I live are many farms and acres and acres of land. roundup is a part of everyday life.

    no one is going to trim around a fence with cows in it for 200acres of land. they ride around the whole perimeter and spray it with roundup. they spray their entire fields with roundup or similar before they ever plant anything. it's just very common to use it here. it's not a big deal.

    up in the northeast and other places roundup is treated like a disease. :laugh:

    there are farms up there too though. maybe it's just most people on lawnsite live in bigger city urban areas instead of rural areas. i'm not sure.
  6. chefcam864

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    I live in SC, and most people with farms do use roundup around their fences. I agree that it makes no sense to trim around the fence of a farm. A lot of ppl here do not care for the use of pesticides on their property, so I respect their wishes. I've never used it on residential properties round stop signs and what not. I will use it on privacy fences. The problem I have with roundup and stoloniferous grasses is that if I spray grass (especially bermuda) in a bed I may end up with a yellow streak going a few feet into the yard. I have no problem with glyphosate in general, and use it daily. I mostly like it for driveways, curbing and beds. I use 3-way mixed with drive when treating weeds in turf.
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  7. weeze

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    I've never had that issue with roundup on bermuda. it turns brown where I spray it. hold it close to the ground when you spray. it may go slightly more but not several feet. I can spray around a post and it will make a few inches of brown around the post and that is all.

    cracks in driveways and weeds in flower beds are the main things I use it for.

    most guys on lawnsite mow smaller yards where there isn't a lot of trimming needed so there is no use for roundup. when you are mowing 4 acre yards it is almost necessary. you can't make any money if you are spending over an hr trimming a property. they just aren't going to pay you that much. :laugh:

    there are also many places where you can't even use a trimmer if you wanted to.

    behind and a/c unit next to a house with hoses running under the house and you can't even fit a trimmer head back in there.

    under a deck on the back of the house that is only a few feet off the ground. you just can't get a trimmer under there to do anything.

    brick patios and sidewalks where weeds are growing up between almost every single brick.

    roundup use is unavoidable in these situations.

    I guess other areas don't deal with this type of thing. I see something like this on almost every single yard I mow. I can't just leave it and let it grow up like a jungle. it has to be taken care of.
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