Strapping equip. to trailer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, May 31, 2001.

  1. guntruck

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    I was just curious what most of you guys recommend for strapping down equipment? I have mine strapped with tractor trailer hold downs, they work great but there a pain to keep throwing over the equipment. Not to mention that im rubbing the pretty paint off of my mowers. I've seen the little rigs they sell to put the w/b wheels in and hold it but i dont much like them. What do most of you do?
  2. Pauls Mowing

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    I use a 2" wide strap with a ratchet to hold my w/b on the trailer. I have a pick up tool box bolted to the front of the deck on the trailer, mower goes up to that to prevent forward movement. So far, so good, but most of my travels are less than a mile.

  3. kutnkru

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    I like to use the TRIMMER TRAP/JUNGLE JIM style trimmer racks for our line trimmers and stick edgers. I also like their bp blower racks too.

    We have a mesh cage at the front of the trailers that holds parts, line spools, hedge trimmers, etc.

    Trimmer Trap makes a locking mechanism called a "Kreeper Keeper" that works great at secureing and safely storing decks to the trailer. Its a lock that bolts the deck to the trailer floor.

    As for the 5gl. water coolers, we took a piece of angel iron and bent it to make an "L". Then we tack welded a strap to the angle to hold the jug in place.

  4. lawnboy82

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    when and if i do ever tie my machines down i just use those black heavy duty rubber tie downs. put that around one wheel of the mowers, or go to the handle of the push mower or blower or whatever. the big riders i try to use a piece of rope. just tie a fast good knot and you are gone.
  5. geogunn

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    I us motorcycle tie down straps with the rubber covered metal hooks. I put some 3/8 eyebolts in the trailer frame and hook the other end on the mower frame. works perfect.

  6. TLS

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    For my WB, I have a side gate. So I just pull it on up to the opposite side of the trailer. I have a 2x4 screwed down behind the rear tires to keep it from backing up toward the gate. For the Lazer, I pull it on and it locks into a front 2x4 for the front casters, and two more 2x4's surrounding the rear tires. Then a ratcheting strap goes across where your feet sit. This strap keeps it tight to the trailer deck, the 2x4's keep it from skidding to and fro. Had to make plenty of "panic" stops over the years and the mowers never move an inch. It takes literally 5 seconds to secure the Lazer. I can leave the brakes off on the Lazer and it still stays in place.
  7. I use ratcheting tie down straps to secure my mowers on the trailer. You would be surprised at the numbers of LCO's in my area that don't even tie the mowers down, just set the brake. I set my brakes and tie it down, I have to much money invested in my equipment to have the brake let go and the mower go rolling off the trailer, which would be rather difficult since it would have to take down the tail gate.

    Some of these guys are running trailers without tail gates though using ramps to load the mowers. Have they thought about what would happen if they lost the mower off the trailer in a busy intersection? I doubt they have even thought about how they would deal with that situation. All it would take would be 1 or 2 to have this happen and the Tennessee DOT would be so far up our butts inspecting our trailers and trucks it wouldn't be funny. That's why we are required to have the break away brake controllers on our trailers here, a coupel trailers came loose from the truck and someone got killed. So the next thing that will happen is they will be checking to see if our equipment is secured on our trailers so that it will not come off accidently. Well I'll get off my soapbox.
  8. Got Grass?

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    To secure everything to my trailer (6.5x12 open) my set up is;
    Plastic gas cans: on frot left side, screwed wood box to bed arround them.
    Edger and 21" push mower: on front next to each other 2x4 on front of trailer 2x4 on sides. Straped to front with black bungie type cord to frame.
    Blower: front right side same black cord.
    52" Lesco Hydro W/ Sulky: behind all that, put front caster up to gas can box and tie down with red rachet straps from trailer frame side to hole by engine deck. On other side from side of trailer to mower deck bar thing.
    Trimer: To front of trailer on A frame or side next to mower with thoes black cords.

    Yeah I'll set it up better when i get more time & equip.

    Protects everything from flying off when that old lady makes a right turn from the left lane in front of you. Plus nothing goes flying when you hit a bump.

    I've seen way to many people not tie things down becasue thay think the mesh gate will hold the big stuff in a collision. and to many mowers bouncing all arround their triler into all the other equip.

    Also I lay a large tarp in the truck bed for the clipppings/etc. Then cover them up with 1/2 of it put blocks for the trailer on top, so thay dont all fly out going down a main road and rain grass on the cars behind and next to me. Police round here love giving tickets for causing green rain.
  9. Alan

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    I've got side rails and a taligate, so I rarely strap anything down. I did put blocks on the deck to keep wheels from rolling and that's enough to hold the mowers in place. Front bins, Trimmertrap and fuel can racks for the loose stuff.
  10. Holloway Lawns

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    Do any of you use chains and a lock to keep your stuff safer from theft and how about posting some pics of your setups showing how you secure your things?

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