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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mapleleaf, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. mapleleaf

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    Well we are so slow I need to do something to get some work. I know companies often say this year is slow, but I mean slow to be non-existent work. Does anyone have advice for advertising or marketing in Northern NJ. We are in the yellow pages, although I've cut back in some books due to no response. A couple newspapers, I'm looking to adv in more areas a little further out. We've already sent mailings asking for referals from clients. Even if anyone from NNJ has worked with a marketing or coaching company and had success, I'd be interested. We need to get some more bids, not necessarily how to up our % of successfull bids. We need the bids before we can up our success rate. Thanks all!
  2. shovelracer

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    Seriously most paper advertising around here sucks. Get out and go door to door, it worked pretty good for one guy around here. Or get a website up, but it takes time for work to start rolling in from them.
  3. mapleleaf

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    Tell me about it. I do have a website up, although I'm having trouble getting my photo gallery to work. I do have at least a photo or two on each of the service pages. Door to door isn't our strong point, but I think we'll have to work on making that better. Thanks!

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    its all about door too door flyers , door hangers ect just have to take the time and do alot of advertizing by hand ...... it will pay off
  5. mapleleaf

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    Thanks. I think I will work on some flyers, can't hurt. My website is getting there; I found the problem with my photos, now just fixing them all and posting them takes time. Anyone wants to see what I have so far I still have a few tweaks on a couple pages to do. Now I have to figure out how to get better viewing from search engines. Anyone have suggestions that worked for them? Ad words, or pay for clicks?
  6. prizeprop

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    It's getting tough out their. Even when we do get calls, there's always someone underbidding us by alot.Even the established companies I know are dropping their prices by alot just to keep their guys busy.Forget about signing new lawn cutting accounts at a descent price.alot of companies pricing very low to just stay afloat and alot of new start ups flooding the market.Just what I heard and see.Me and my friend,also a landscaper always say thank God our trucks and equipment are paid for or we would be scruewd.

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