Strategy to bagging leaves...?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by PicturePerfectLawns, Mar 25, 2014.

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    What's the most efficient way you guys have found to bag leaves on a lawn that needs cutting? I obviously can put the bagger on the mower and mow the lawn while bagging. But I'm having to bag way too much on the property being that I'm cutting the grass and bagging leaves. So I'm catching not only leaves, but all the grass clippings that I don't want to catch. Do you guys mulch mow, then raise the deck a bit and put the bagger on? Or possibly blow all the leaves into one area, then run the bagger over that area only. What do you find most efficient when having to cut a lawn and bagging leaves at the same time.
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    I would mulch them up good first then put the bagger on that would probably be the easiest way to do it...
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    If they are dry we blow all leaves from beds and side discharge or mulch grass and leaves pending size of lawn. Then we stick the bag on and go up one notch higher and bag. On larger lawns we just put the power baggers on the mowers and mow till full.
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    i blow leafs into a pile . then mulch them up with walk behind . sometimes i will have to use the blower to scatter them back out . maken sure the grass is standing up . where you can not see where i mulched them in . unless you are standing right above the area . I only have 2 propertys thet get bagged , them are the only ones i will go over the entire property with the bagger .
    One day about 3 years ago i was out doin leafs and across the street was a culdesac with a ditch between us . the company that was doin the culdesac takes care of the road way also .. but someone dumped a pick up load . of leafs along the road way .. the dude came over to me telling me . that he has to clean up that pile. calling me names in the book , the dude was all shook up .. i had to show him the leafs that i mulched into the lawn to get him to shut up. he was making a scene on my customers property . That i was asked what that was about. when i told her she laughed
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    Depends on the property, but up here the leaves have to be bagged and taken off the grass for winter, even if they are mulched into the grass. You can mulch some small amounts in to the grass but not all.
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    So I would say best way is with a bagging system.
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    one guy starts mulching with other guy on blower blowing out beds plus scattering built up leaf debris from mower , we'll keep going over n over the leaves to powder them with the blades all the way up to make less work on engine . then many times we'll use mower to make heaps that we carry the heavy stuff off with on tarp before bagging . if not heavy just bag without heaping/tarping , blade height lowered if need be to get good cut
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    Are you leaving bagged debris at the customer's location...or hauling it all away? If the former, are you in a municipality where you must place lawn waste in those dang compostable paper bags?
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    Rent a yard vac?
  10. AMW Landscaping

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    YES. This puts 5 bags into 1

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