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Straw Blower And Hydroseeder How Much are They Worth?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by grassman222, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. grassman222

    grassman222 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 178

    Reinco Straw Blower Jr. W/20 HP Honda how much are these things worth ? someone told me they have a HS 500 Hydroseeder and that straw blower for sale as a combo package and they are asking $6000 but i dont need the straw blower so what are they worth to sell its in nice condition.and im not paying $6000 for it if i even buy it i can buy a brand new HS 500 from well heres the prices
    *500 gallon skid type, 13 H.P. 3"x3" pump, seeds 6600 sq. ft. per load $ 5,495.00
    *HS-500-EH 500 gallon skid type, 13 H.P.Honda Electic start, 3"x3" pump, $ 5,795.00
    *HS-500-XPW 500 gallon skid type, 18 H.P. 4"x4" pump, seeds 6600 sq. ft. per load $ 7,395.00
    *HS-500-ZX 500 gallon skid type, 27 H.P. 4"x4" pump, seeds 6600 sq. ft. per load $ 9,895.00
    *(HM-500-HE 500 gallon skid type "Hybrid" system, Jet and Mechanical mixing in one unit $ 9,495.00
    *HM-500-HARV-E 500 gallon skid type system with hydraulically controlled mechanical agitation. 25 H.P. $ 12,995.00
    *HM-500-HARV 500 gallon mechanical system, platform flush tank, electric hose reel 25 H.P. $ 17,995.00
    Let me know what you thoughts are please . Thanks :)

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