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straw blower why so much? pto driven


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I am starting to get much larger seeding jobs. Not just small front yards or patch up jobs but i have one thats 3 acres i quoted the other day. How much is it to rent a straw blower?

My next worry is that, even if the yard isnt damp, how can i drive my 8k weight truck plus the trailer around a newly seeded lot without mashing in ruts?

I also considered using my smaller tractor pulling a small wagon along if i can get a skid type straw blower, so it doesn't damage the ground so much.

I looked up a PTO driven model, to buy, and its $3500-4k it seems. It weights almost 600lbs and does 1-2 bales per minute which is fine for me, im not using it all day or more than a couple hours tops.

Anyone have any other brands they've used or anything in a PTO drive? Is there anything i should be cautious of when buying one or a PTO driven unit vs a trailered unit? Im talking about a blue one made by GOOSEN.


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Not sure on what you ask,but there is a guy here that charges $8 bucks a bale to throw the stray he has a old piece of equipment itz more of a side job to him.


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never have used a pto driven one before, however I have a small Finn blower that you can hook up a hose to it and blow in tight places or across wet areas.
This area is wide open, but if im renovating the entire 3 acres, i cant take my truck and some big trailer on it....

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east tennessee
i have an agri-metal. i keep it mounted on a 14 foot trailer(wish i had an 18 but work with what you got right). i keep wider tires on my truck 265/75/16. i like to work the ground up some but not to much, i find that if you have it so lose that your truck causes bad ruts, it will wash away when the a rain event comes. when it comes to a 3 acrea i don't think that an inch deep rut is going be something that is really going to look bad or even be noticed. now keep in mind that if you go with a tractor mounted model, how are you going to get the straw to the blower???? still going to have to take a trailer out there so why not just use the truck. i don't think that anyone would carry the bales to the tractor to blow them. with the agri-metal i have a 50 foot hose so as long as the area is not over 140 feet wide i can usually reach across. also i keep a really long hose on mine so that on small yards i can back on the drive way and reach around the house and some times not have to leave the pavment. also have another 50 foot section in case i have a big down hill project