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I just bought a used Reinco strawblower and am wondering how to set it up. The fella that had it ran it off'n the tailgate of his pickup to cover utility installations. I'm guessing that I don't want to run a truck over a newly seeded lawn and will use a trailer behind a tractor? What setup do you that use a strawblower have?


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I have a Pro Chopper mounted on a 16" trailor ,and a receiver welded on my front end loader of my Kubota B2910 with a ball. When I am not using the blower I take it off the loader .I push-pull it around. You can get it in some pretty tight places without much problems. Works for me.


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Well I dont have a strawblower but I can tell you one importin thing and that is watch where your straw is blowing reason I say this is last year I watching a crew blowing straw on a new lawn , straw blower was in truck bed an apparently some straw got on the engine and started a fire that fully engulf the blower and truck within Id say 2- 3 minutes I saw it happen he had some serious fire damage to the truck and blower. good luck..

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