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    Street Bidder has been in use for the past month or so on the Ipad and Iphone in a private beta of about 100 contractors.

    It will be released to the android platforms in about a month or so.

    Street Bidder will be opening the doors to another thousand or so in one week. If you are interested in giving it a try, put your email address in here:

    In the beginning of August you will be emailed a entry code. You can see some of the post cards that are available to the Lawn Care industry here:

    These are just a few post card designs available to get things started. Many more designs and styles are coming and will be released weekly.

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    I'm getting tired of waiting. i almost paid the pwra membership but dont have any extra money for that
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    If your email is on that list you only have another week. PWRA members receive a discount on the cost of Street Bidder that comes close to balancing out the price.

    We have been testing it with a small group to ensure everything is functioning perfectly prior to mass release.
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    Thank you for your patience! Street Bidder is now available to the public. It is currently only available for the iPhone and iPad but not to worry, the Android version is coming in about 3-4 weeks.

    Download the app from the app store and use this code to login: wcrarules
    (this is case sensitive)

    So navigate to the app store, download, and start bidding!
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    Did this App Get Scrapped ?

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