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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pristine PM, May 28, 2006.

  1. Pristine PM

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    Hi guys,

    We take care of a townhouse complex that we have to cut 100 lawns, trim, and blow them all as well as clean the street. The problem we are having is that the street is a mess every week with all the maple trees dropping their keys and all of the other things that fall at this time of the year. The road around the complex is about 1 km. We are spending over an hour a week just blowing the road. We tried a push behind blower but that didn't work and we are now thinking that a vacuum might not be a bad idea. We cannot afford anything that will cost more the $4000 CAD. We also seem to have a problem with sand and blowing the debris back onto the lawns. I have heard that the vacuums don't work well with sand, is this true? We were told that the privious guys blew everything down the streets and picked it all up, we are but two guys and we cannot see how they could do that efficiently. The street layout is like an 8, so it is not strightforward blowing. Does anyone use one of these vacuums for this type of debris and does it work well?

    Thanks so much,

  2. mike lane lawn care

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    a trac vac or other tow behind vav. have you tried a turbo bagger for your mowers? the tow behind and the bagger for the mower might cost about the same, but the tow behind has more power, while the one on the back of the mower takes up less space.
  3. Pristine PM

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    We use 21 inch mowers and a 36" Wright Sentar Sport. I don't think it could tow anything in that manner. I have seen the demo for the trac-vac and it looks pretty cool, but we don't really have any large mowers for that type of use.


  4. mcwlandscaping

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    if you are talking about a WB vac like a billy goat KD series then no it won't really work for that IMO, i had one and it didn't clean the street very well at all.

    Maybe flag down the city street sweeper every few weeks and flash him a $20 if he'll make a couple passes on that street!!

    BIG wb blower seems like the best idea if you have to pick up all the crap after instead of just blowing it back onto the lawns.

    What if you blew the street onto the lawn first then when you mowed you chopped up the big stuff and then afterwards just do a quick blow off of the grass clippings back onto the lawn afterwards? just throwing out some ideas
  5. cantoo

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    Pristine PM, I have one of these for sale. It's almost brand new and has the hose attachment. It should work for your application. We are about 100 miles from TO.
    Check this week's tri ad on page B11 to see it.
  6. Pristine PM

    Pristine PM LawnSite Member
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    Hey Cantoo,

    Looks good, does it get quite dusty though, PM me with more details?

    Haha, we have tried bribing the city guys, but if they got caught on a private road they would get fired, and they don't want to take that chance. We tried blowing first, but there issue is the sand as well, and they don't like things being blow at their house... we can't win...


  7. SOMM

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    a $150 used blower, $50 of angle iron and welding from a job shop, on a $3200 used lawn tractor in very good condition ( add a billygoat "in reverse" to this mount for economic vac, and get a premium pair of "headphone-style" ear protection ) :

  8. Pristine PM

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    How easy is it to make a walk behind blower go in reverse? Are there any issues that can come of this?


  9. drmiller100

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    get a redmax 8000. it can blow as fast as you can walk.

    the trick to running big backpacks is to point the hose further away from you. I started with a small backpack blowing at my toes. big blowers you blow 20 feet away for larger areas.

    a big backpack blower is pretty impressive.

    i also have a tenant parking lot sweeper/vacuum. much better, but a MASSIVE pita to get from job to job. mine does an area 4 feet wide, 4 mph, but weighs 6000 pounds and has a 2 inch ground clearance.
    it gets stuck on smaller speed bumps.
  10. ed2hess

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    One man-hr isn't that bad for a big property. We take our 36" Wright Sentar rider and a BR420 Stihl and clean up some parking lots/drives that way. This unit has a seat so you can sit and have blower nozzle pretty low. Sometimes we take a big WB blower to get everything out of the center so you can cruize around the edges and clean up with the Sentar. It isn't perfect but seems to save time.

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