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    Good morning
    I run a landscape & maintenance Company and have a staff of eight, but I find I am working longer and longer hours. I never seem to catch-up. For the past two months my hours have progressively gotten longer to a point I now have to go in on Sunday to do paper work. Last week I did five 14hr days 6am to 8pm Monday-Friday and a eight hr day on the Saturday which felt like a half day. I also drive some of the bigger machines, so its not just management.
    I am the Managing director, contracts manager, Ransomes driver, general machine fixer-uper. I need to take company to the next level, but 1. don't have the time and 2. I am so stressed all the time. I guess its time I let the deadwood go and learn to say "no". Have any of ye been in my position, is it just me? What did you do to make things run better?
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    Sounds like you should learn to delegate a little better, or come up with some more efficient systems for your company. Maybe you are ready to expand a lil more IE hire some more help.
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    I agree. The employees you have helping you ATM are fine with you being a One man wrecking machine, now it is time to deligate some of your duties and find someone who will monitor these employees and report back to you say on a weekly basis. That way you can lessen your physical/mental work load.
    Delegating authority is always challenging due to the natural risk and concerns that come with such a decision. Even with every thing you mentioned I am sure there are still other things that can be added to that list so take the time now before you end up in hospital or worse. All the best.
    easy-lift guy
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    If your employees are working that many hours mon - sat you need to hire more, raise prices, both.

    The time comes when the owner has to stop going out as if he still was a solo operator and hire a right hand man to fill his spot in the field.
  5. OP

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    Just me working the long hours. I actually enjoy being on the tools. I guess j have to decide which I want more.. working in the business or working on the business. I am reaching burnout, everything is suffering. I need a holiday
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    Read the following books:
    "The E-Myth Revisited" by Micheal E. Gerber
    "The 4-hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss.
    This will help you to see the source of your problems, and a solution as well.
  7. larryinalabama

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    I left the stressful corporate world for lawncare. Im SOLO and have never looked back.

    I dont know your situation but you might consider going solo.
  8. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    Do like I have. Hire someone that will get the job done, even when your not there. I hired that guy, but he doesn't start full time until July 17. He worked for me in the past and then took a position with Toyota Mfg. 3 yrs of that hell and he wanted to come back. He will free up 60% of my time and I will have the time again to work ON the business instead of in. Good luck to you! This will take a little time, but it can happen for you.
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    I have learned especially this year that there's a time to call it a day and even a week.... I was in the same situation you are in. Couldn't get it off my mind when I did have free time. I decided to never work a Saturday or Sunday again as long as weather doesn't set me back. Now I am getting to the point of not even looking at my phone after business hours. It helps alot.
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  10. OP

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    Thank you all so much of taking the time to answer my question. I took the day off yesterday and just "stopped". I am now in the office were I should be. The guys are happier too. I am going on site visits on Monday, I have to manage my time better and really look at the business. I do make a good living from it, maybe its time I started enjoying the fruits of my labour. I also was out last night with friends Euros 2012 Spain 4- 0 Ireland Grrrrr. All of the buds said the same thing, I have a great business and I just cant see it. Maybe I need to separate the wood from the trees and look at the bigger picture. I also made a decision to get rid of smaller contacts that simply don't pay.
    Thanks again
    Regards Cian :irishflag:

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