Stressed about which ZTM to buy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by bsullards, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. whiffyspark

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    Too old and too many hours. What's wring with gas?
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  2. Middle Tennessee Lawn

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    One thing you have to learn is no matter how good any item is there is always some people that will be unhappy.
    Good example is the highest rated weed eater on market 345 reviews say best trimmer they have ever used and 45 say they were unhappy. Some people will complain with a tit in there mouth.
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  3. MRCo.

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    Agreed, I over research and destroy the conclusion I came to! Once you decide, turn off the damn computer and buy it!
  4. tcm5483

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    That's rite you are the one using it if it makes you happy that's the one .
  5. retrodog

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    Agreed! That's waaaay to high for 5 to 10 year old diesels with 1500+, heck every year around March I sell 4 725D front mount diesel grasshoppers 2 to 3 years old with around 1500 hours for $4500 to $7500 each depending on how good the feel and look from one guy that trades every year. This year will be interesting as I talked him into mid mounts to change it up, he has a couple 430d 72" and a couple compact diesel bad boy's 28hp cats.... I sold a 2008 Gravely diesel with 1430 hours 2008 model on ebay couple months ago for $
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    May want to throw Deere in there. Perhaps the 915B 54" deck.
  7. ultracut guy

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    I would say Exmark for manicured lawns and Toro for heavy grass because of their adjustable baffle. Not saying Toro dont do high quality-but Exmark don't do as good in over grown stuff.
  8. ArTurf

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    If you've blown 3 motors maybe you need to look at why they keep blowing. Maybe something you are doing or not doing? Not knocking you just making a suggestion.

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