Stressing grass when cutting in heat?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. 1MajorTom

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    I was wondering something.
    If you cut a VERY healthy green lawn that is cut high at 12 noon when it is very hot, will it stress it more than if it was cut at 7:00pm?
  2. jpmako

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    Yes cutting in any extreme's including the temperature and precipitation will cause more stress to any living plant.

    I will assume that it will not have any adverse effects on healthy turf, but it will cause more stress.
  3. Doster's L & L

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    Hmmmm.... I wouldnt think so. I'm gonna think out loud, if you wanna call it that. *Nothing oozes out of the grass when it is cut, so the heat intensity wouldn't matter much* Heat intensity itself WILL stress the grass through transpiration. I don't think that cutting mid day will hurt it any more than cutting in the morning or in the evening. i cut at midday all the time and i dont have any "browning" on my lawns.

    I guess that cutting "high" is a relative term. High to me may be low to someone else. Personally, i'm cutting at 4" and i'm not seeing any stress on my lawns. There are others on here cutting at 3". To me, that is low, but if you cut 2-3 times per week, 3" is just right. I'm chasing rabbit trails I assume that you're cutting a fescue lawn. I say that if you're mowing at 7 day intervals, 4" won't stress the grass cut at any time of the day.

    Hope this helps!!
  4. 1MajorTom

    1MajorTom Former Moderator
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    Cutting at 3 1/2
  5. LwnmwrMan22

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    Here in MN, we don't get too many days that are 90+. Got one today, good excuse to stay home.

    As for cutting when it's hot, I'll work late or start early if we've got a streak of warm weather, and quit for 4-5 hours in the middle of the day.

    I guess as far as stressing the grass, from what I've noticed over the years, it isn't so much the grass getting cut that's causing the stress, but if it's weaker grass to begin with, and you're running ZTR's where it's laying the grass down in the tire tracks, that the face of the blade of grass gets more sun, therefore more of a "burned" look? :confused:
  6. nfisher330

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    Where in Minnesota are you?
  7. SouthernFried

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    In Texas...we cut at 90+ most of the time. It's usually less than 90 between 1 am and 8 am.

    Ya, it might be better cutting it during a cooler time...I can't wait till December tho :)
  8. griffithtlc

    griffithtlc LawnSite Member
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    We mow in the middle of the day. We don't have a choice unless we want to work the weekends but have not had a problem with any lawns burning. (Unless they don't water and then if they don't need cutting we skip them for the week.) We cut at 3" as well.

    Hey Lwnmwrman22 I think we got spoiled from the cooler spring we have had this year. We had a bearing go out on a tensioner pulley this moring on a ztr so we did not get started too early. Usually it would not be so bad but Wednesday is the day we mow a 31 unit townhouse association and a bigger apartment complex. Go figure. If it wasn't for bad luck I would not have any luck at all :)
  9. LwnmwrMan22

    LwnmwrMan22 LawnSite Platinum Member
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    nfisher - Forest Lake area.

    griffith - yeah, I did 4 schools yesterday, it was hard getting up this morning. After I did, looked at the weather forecast and it shows mid 70's for a week, the grass could wait. :)
  10. nfisher330

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    I am in Afton...on the Min/Wi border by Hudson. Close to Woodbury. New to the business, love to network some if you are game...lots to learn =)


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