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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by wstrick1, Apr 26, 2012.

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    We went down to Georgia to pick up a trailer (a long 18hr trip!) Everything down there for the most part looks really nice. Thats the first time I saw pine straw everywhere,lol. BTW, might want to ease up on the trimming a bit. Those evergreens might not ever fill back in.
  3. wstrick1

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    Everyone loves pinestraw for some reason. :confused: I personal like putting mulch or rock down. I only filled in the bare spots where there was dirt. I wish I did the whole yard. I did not plant the evergreens. The soil is horrible in that neighborhood and trugreen did a horrible service on their yard. Your right on the evergreens though nobagger. :)
  4. wstrick1

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    I am looking at a Z Master 44" super flow rider with less than 40hrs on it. $3,500 sound pretty good to you guys? It is from a client that I have and it has always been in the garage. He was cutting his yard with it for 6 years and got tired of spending all day out in the yard. He gave me a chance on the yard and after the first cut he and neighbors said that's the best the yard has looked since they moved in. So he has no use for it anymore.
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    Work looks good there!
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    looks good man

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