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    Well here we go. Well do we all rember the UPS strike. Well at the time I was working for them from 3 to 8ish am. Well, here comes the strike and what am I to do?
    Well to surive I get my dad's 1978 John Deere push moower and here we go. Well the next thing I know I have about 15 yards.
    Not to put everyone to sleep. Today, We mow 15 com., and 45 res. And all of these are high end properties. 2 Walkers, 4 21 com. Toro's and all the rest to go with it..
    And I have about 500 Yards that I spray 4 times a year, on a program.
    Also, right no we have around 45 - 50 deep root feeding accounts.
    So rember their is always good in the bad. So I just wanted to say think you UPS for thr strike.

    Thompson Lawn Care Inc.

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    Out of necessity you have achieved stability. Wonderfull isn't it?

    Best of Luck to you...........;)

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