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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by tiffany, May 8, 2001.

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    We put in an Aquascape pond kit for a client a while back. The project turned out beautifully, and the client was happy. Suddenly though, she has been having string algae problems. We have tried Algae buster, and even drained the whole thing and cleaned it. The string algae continues to crop up! She also has koi, and they are apparently not doing the algae control thing either. She wants us to get some fish that will eat string algae- any ideas???
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    There are 2 things to check for first off.
    1. How many plants do you have in the pond? You should have around 50% of the surface area of the ponds covered with plants. The more the better. The oxygenates are the best plants to have (iris, cattails etc...)
    2. Make sure that the area around the pond is not being fertilized. This can cause many problems for obvious reasons.

    I would check these and report back on your findings.

  3. tiffany

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    There are a lot of plants, (although maybe not 50%), so I will try again to suggest planting more. I have heard anacharis is a good underwater oxygenating plant- true? And no, there is no fertilizing going on. The local aquarium supply store told me that barley hay might work - true? Thanks for any help. And I have mentioned to her that more plants would help, but she is pretty stuck on the idea of fish.
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    It sounds like you have enough plants (although more won't hurt) and no fertilizing is good. How big are the Koi? Koi under 10" won't do a very good job at keeping the algae down, but will help a little.
    Barley hay should help keep the algae down. Aquascape Designs has just started carrying a barley filter mat that is made for the BIOFALLS&#174 and fits in side. Check out Aquascape Designs for more information.

    One thing that I forgot to mention in the last post is about the bacteria. Is the customer adding the bacteria on a regular basis? If not, start doing that. Ponds get little screwy this time of year while everything is coming out of hibernation. Some patience it needed.

  5. tiffany

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    Thanks conor! I had researched some more and read about barley hay, but I did not know that Aquascapes was carrying something like that, (what a great company! Always helpful in a pinch!!) I will definetly check in on it, and thank you for all of your help!
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    I built a pond about 4 years ago in my back yard. I'm thinking about adding this service to my business. I have been doing lots of research on the subject and have learned a lot. I just wanted to add that comment before I give you any advice.

    I was told about an article published by Penn State University that if you have string algae this is a good thing it means your pond is balance well. When I get a hold of the article I will post it.

    I just found a website called there appears to be lots of info there.
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    I watched the Aquascape Designs Watergardening Video. (The one you get free). It states right in the video that string algae is great. Green water is not. So I would do nothing to the algae. This is the start of your H2O eqosystem!!

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