String Edging vs. Hard Blade Edging

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Five Diamond Lawns, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Five Diamond Lawns

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    What is the best tool for edging ( soft edges ) flower beds?
    Also, what gives the best results when your train employees to do the work?

    I've used a String Edger for years, but it took me a full season to get the type of cut I found acceptable. I purchased a straight shaft hard blade edger last year and get very good straight lines with a much quicker learning curve. Only problem it takes considerably longer.

    Hard Edge vs String Trimmer

    Yes I looked in search, but didn't find what I was hoping for.
  2. gogetter

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    This debate comes up a few times a year (and it will become a debate). There is no right or wrong answer, it all comes down to personal choice.
    It's like ice cream, some prefer chocalate, some prefer vanilla. Nobodies right or wrong for it, it's just their choice.
  3. landscapingpoolguy

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    edge all beds in spring with a flat spade then maintain with string trimmers all summer? doesnt everone else?

  4. NNJLandman

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    When I was working for my Boss we used string trimmers, but when I'm working p/t on my own I have a stick edger. Once I got the hang of it i pretty much could run along with it and get that great edge. String timmers work well but not as effective in my opinion as a stick edger.
  5. MacLawnCo

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    Compromise...go with an edgit on a string trimmer it makes very crisp edges on the garden beds
  6. cklands

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    same as landscapingpoolguy here. Hard edge in the spring then string trim the rest of the season
  7. I agree with gogetter...bottom line - personal preference. However, not to complicate the question, but we use both. Generally, regardless rather the lawn has a defined edge line already, we use the hard stick edger the first 4 or 5 visits. Once we have a good trained edge, we then use the trim line every other visit. There is a learning curve and the trim line is a tool that takes time to master. What I have found that works best is I let other crewmembers run the hard stick edger and I do the trim line edging when necessary - then I only have me to blame if something does not look right (I'm very picky).

    Two things I have learned that work very well for me. First, when using the trim line to edge - work from right to left and my shin cuts better about half throttle (the trick is positioning the line head while doing either the side shuffle or one foot over the other routine (helps if you can Texas two-step). The other, we started last year (at the end of the season) replacing the hard stick trimming with the Little Wonder / Mantis edger attachment. We already owned a Mantis tiller so we purchased the edger attachment which is a quick change of the motor and away you go. The result is the Little Wonder / Mantis Xtra Edger that is very popular. It is very comfortable to operate and MUCH faster than the hard stick or trim line for edging. It very maneuverable since it is guided by the operator holding two handles (like a wheelbarrow) and allows for working in tight spaces with great control - very handy for long runs or ziggy-zaggy runs. Also, it does not get so dang heavy towards the end of the day like trimmers and edgers (I'm getting old).

    If interested, you can check it the Xtra edger at our at

    I should clairify that you can purchase the edger or just the cost savings edger attachment (frame) if you already own a 2 cycl. Mantis tiller.

    Caveat: Personally, I only use the same motors or parts change PTO attachemnts on equipment I can afford to be without in case Murphy's law gets a hold of either.



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