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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by snapper, Jun 28, 2002.

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    Those of you that have blade capable trimmers, Do you find you use the blade alot, or does string work just as good. I am going to buy a snapper trimmer because I can't justify a stihl or other brand. And they have a string trimmer model and a brush cutter model for 40$ more. Will the .105 and .130(or whatever the next size is) work as good as the blade? So basically, Is the blade capability worth the extra cost, or will string work just fine. If you read my other post on snapper line trimmer, you can get the specs and the differences in the two models. Thanks for the help, Snapper
  2. unless all you cut is brush go for the string model, you should be able to do most work with it. rent a brush cutter as needed.
    Don't know the snappers but can you put a string head on the one with a blade? if so that would be the way to go, add blade when needed.

    I use .080 string 90% of the time, I think it gives cleanest cut on grass. keep some .095 on spools around in case I get into a lot of heavy weeds. never used heavier string.
    I have an old stihl that I keep a blade on, its main job is dust collection.
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    iF YOU HAD A LOT OF BRUSH I would say yes. but as far as string goes most homeowner trimmers wont take the 130 and 150 size string.
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    I have a 15yr. old Homelite ST-385 that I use with a manual head and .105" line. I cuts everything "green" up to 3/8"dia., when I need to cut woody stuff 3/8" and larger, I use the metal blade. Around here, .080" line is useless on any thing larger than light grass. The .105" will handle Blackberry and Wild Roses with ease. I probably use the line head, 95% of the time.

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