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String trimmer heads

Robert Burnham

LawnSite Member
I am wondering if anyone knows where to buy the aluminiun string trimmers heads. I saw a crew using these in Florida on a recent visit, they did not no where the owner got them. The heads were made where you inserted two pieces of line about 18" in length, thus giving you four lines to cut with. Any info is appreciated.


LawnSite Platinum Member
What kind of trimmer is it for? I have one for my Shindaiwa, but don't use it.


LawnSite Senior Member
North of Seattle
Sthil makes one. I got one at my dealer for my FS85 but don't like it. After you use if for a while, especially for heavy duty cleanup, the line seems to become embedded in the head and you need a screwdriver or knife to pry it out in order to replace it. It's Stihl part number #4001-713-2100.


LawnSite Member
i run nothing but those aluminum heads. they are easy to use and string is cheaper when you buy bulk. the best part is they are idiot proof for when you can't find good help, as most of us cannot. they cost us about 20 bucks each and string from walmart is about 12 bucks for 440 ft. i have used them on green machine, redmax, stihl and echo weed wackers and we probably go thru about six heads a year.

Robert Burnham

LawnSite Member
Thanks for the replys, I use Shindawia T230's and T27's. The trimmer heads I saw were different from the one Bob posted, they attached directly to the arbor by removing the existing head and were about 3 inches in diameter. I thought they might be good because of the increased line speed. thanks again