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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dugan lawncare, May 29, 2002.

  1. Dugan lawncare

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    First time here and love it already, had no idea that we were part of something this big. The first question is, I have owned many string trimmers. Most recently had Green machines. Can't find them and as always in spring have lost 2 trimmers. With sooo many manufacturers I was wondering what is your favorite. Thanks for any input you can give me. Brian
  2. Dennis E.

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    String trimmers,huh?
    You may get a few replies....:eek:
    As for me in 14 yrs., I've used Tanaka(pretty decent),Green Machine (gave it to my Dad),Stihl (times 2,wore em' both out in a year or so,yes they were HD commercial),Echo(wore it out quick)
    The best luck I've had to date is with Shindaiwa. Stick edger(new in 95 and still screams),Shindaiwa LT that I picked up last year is awesome.
    It's your decision,so take it all in before you decide. Red Max and Maryuama are pretty tough machines,I'd pick either of those for HD commercial use anytime.
    Take your time and get what fills your needs.
    Welcome and enjoy!:D ;)

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Red Max here..... Proven to be very reliable and Strong to me...
  4. digger1

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    prefer echo srm-2400. lots of previous posts on what everyone prefers. most important is the availability of parts from your local dealer. downtime will kill you if the dealer does not carry a good parts inventory and you have to wait for parts.

    saw this sign in the window of a business years ago: "the sweetness of low price is soon forgotten but the bitterness of poor quality lasts a lifetime". basically, you get what you pay for.

  5. maple city

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  6. Krimick

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    I own all echo trimmers right now and I haven't had 1 problem with them in 4 seasons of use.

    I also love the Husqvarna trimmers!
  7. khouse

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    pay 325 to 375$ and get any trimmer that is red in color.
  8. stihl
  9. Brickman

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    I bought one new, this is the fifth season, it still runs great. I use it exclusively. When I have employees I make them use the other one that is newer. I just like the older one that good.
  10. joeypotts

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    Just bought a Shindaiwa T2500 yesterday (they are just hitting the market) for $380 and I am not real pleased with it. See my thread. I would reccomend a T260 for $360 or the T270 for $400. Prices may vary, but quality does not.

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