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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Metalgear, May 29, 2002.

  1. Metalgear

    Metalgear LawnSite Member
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    Well I settled on the Shindaiwa T-230 and I'm very pleased!
    What can the Pros tell me about trimmer line? I'm going to use .095 and I will be using it to do clean-up edging (occasionally hitting cement). I purchased a 1 lb. spool of "VERI" from landscapers supply and I'll see how it goes, but if there is a manufacturers line out that you like please post it for me and others to see. Also is it true this product dries out and becomes brittle? THANKS!!!!
  2. khouse

    khouse LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i like the round line. don't but the cheepest line. i have good luck with redmax line. .095 or .080 is a good choice. i have been running .105 but am going to switch back to thinner line. i have tried square and star line but like the round best.
  3. johnhenry

    johnhenry LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have the same trimmer use gator line . There is a huge gap between them and all others. Also about every 30 days soak your line in a 5 gallon bucket of water overnight you will be amaze. All lines have become brittle water will bring back the bounce. But try gator 095 square it even has steel inside of it.It wont split or tear
  4. Metalgear

    Metalgear LawnSite Member
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    Can anybody tell me who makes gator line? Is that the brand name or the type under a certain manufacturer. Also is it available thru a mail order house if you know(may not be available in my area).
  5. aakin

    aakin LawnSite Member
    from 6
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    Can't speak for the Gator line but I can tell you that the Husqvarna TitaniumForce™ Trimmer Line is excellent. I will use their description of the line to describe my experience with it.

    TitaniumForce™ Trimmer Line

    With the patented Whisper design and a formula which includes Titanium, it’s considered by many pros to be the best line available. It accelerates faster, wears longer, has level flight characteristics, low fuel consumption and is quieter than other lines. Try Husqvarna TitaniumForce™ Whisper trimmer line, and you’ll never settle for anything less!

    I paid about $11 for a 280 ft roll. So far it has been excellent.
  6. parkmaster

    parkmaster LawnSite Member
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    i think most commercial trimmers use .095 line, i like the round myself. tried a sample of the .095 titanium line worked out ok lasted a little bit longer than standard line.
    cheap line not worth the money (harry homeowner)

    you plant it, I'll maintian it
  7. captdevo

    captdevo LawnSite Senior Member
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    click here for specs!

    this stuff is excellent!

    email me your address if interested, i'll send you a sample!

  8. Doc Pete

    Doc Pete LawnSite Gold Member
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    I picked up 3,000 feet of .065 for $13 at Wallmart. it was weedeater brand. I use the small stuff since it's cheaper and you can more on the spool. Furthermore, I find the thinner line cuts much better instead of "tearing" the grass and turning it brown. Also, the thinner line vibrates less. Just my thoughts. Oh, I just leave my line in a 5 gal. bucket of water and pull out what I need.
  9. danzig

    danzig LawnSite Member
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    Buy a donut of magnum gator line. Nothing better period.
  10. TurfGuyTX

    TurfGuyTX LawnSite Senior Member
    from DFW
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    I like .095 square line. The Mega Twist CaptDevo is showing looks like it would be very good too. I couldn't think of using a smaller line. Just my opinion. I have some trimmers that I use .105 line. Usually for more of a clean-up type job. Good luck.

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