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String Trimmer Question

True Cut Lawn Maintenance

LawnSite Senior Member
Ok everyone, when i was starting out this summer i bought a Stihl FS 55 trimmer, i know its a homeowner but its what i wanted and could afford at the time, well the thing is leaking gas badly cant find where it is comming from but when mowing a property on saturday i had to take out the plug crank it over and clean the plug it fired and ran ok but was rough

Am taking it to the shop tomorrow and im am trying to decide if i should buy a new commercial grade stihl trimmer. I like the fs 80 but its still got that damn flexable shaft in it

my question is

is it worth it to move up to FS 110 so that i can use the removable gearboxes
and is it at all possible to use the FS80 with the removable gearboxes

what price should i expect for both of the models and could i deal them down a little since its end of the season (this is the dealer where everything except the trimmer and my blowers have came from)

thank you in advance


LawnSite Senior Member
Can't answer all of these questions, but I definitly can reccomend the 110 or the 100. If you need the versatility of the 110 I would say go for it. If you don't, then just save a little money and get the 100. You could make an edger out of your 55. I have gotten very good service out of these(55s) but the 100 is in a class by itself for power.


LawnSite Senior Member
New Jersey
Like Norm says, It's all in the tools. Homeowner cr@p wasn't meant to be used 10 hrs a day. Beat it down til Spring then go spend $400- $500 on a good one. To answer your question, Try cleaning the spark arrestor screen in the muffler. This will improve flow. If your plug fouls on 2 stroke machines its usually some type of restriction. The gas leak is probably fuel from the carb that has nowhere else to go....maybe.