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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by wasmeneh, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. wasmeneh

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    I've got a Poulan Pro Link Model PPB200C that I leave at a house to trim a small yard. It starts fine but seems to bog down after running wide open for about 10 seconds. It will eventually die out and after about six sessions of starting and stoppimg like this it becomes hard to start. I changed the fuel filter and it helped initially but started happening again after one use. Fuel is the same that woks fine in my Echo. I'm going to try another type of fuel filter. It appears to be fuel related in that it seems to run a little better at 1/2 choke.

    Thanks in advance
  2. BigFish

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    It more than likely is the carb....but i would also check the exh. spark arrestor screen, its really fine mesh, and prone to clogging. Ya can trash it if ya can't get it clean.
  3. wasmeneh

    wasmeneh LawnSite Member
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    This trimmer is pretty new, air cleaner was hardly dirty so I dout that it's the spark screen that's clogged. Any ideas on the carb. I tried some carb cleaner with no effect.

  4. mowermankevin

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    Has the machine set-up for awhile with old fuel in it? How old is the unit? It doesn't take but a month or two of old fuel in them to screw up the carbs. Does it have a primer bulb? If it does, what happens when you pump it to keep it running? If it has clear fuel lines, can you see fuel and bubbles flowing while it briefly runs? If the machine is clean,take the air filter/cover off and get a can of starting fluid, put the straw in the nozzle of the can and start the unit, when it starts to die, give it a short shot of ether, may have to do this a dozen times, see if it clears up, sometimes (50 percent) it cleans and purges the crap in the carb and I don't end up pulling the carb apart. Otherwise it's checking for leaking/cracked fuel lines, no fuel venting, at worst they end up as a target for the evening firing range.
  5. wasmeneh

    wasmeneh LawnSite Member
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    Tried the starting fluid thing, it would keep it running but didn't seem to help any. I think it's the fuel filter in the tank. When it starts acting up the bulb, when you press it doesn't fill up quickly and the buld stays compressed. I'm going to try a different filter and see if this helps. I feel that it's startving out for lack of fuel.

  6. razor1

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    I've never had to change a fuel filter on a trimmer or blower. Is the tank full? Is the fuel line where it should be in the tank? Is the carb adjustable? (usually 2 screws "H" & "L", although some aren't adj.) Also I've noticed many people (homeowner's especially) get rid of good trimmers when the spark screen gets clogged. Hope you get it running. :waving:
  7. Phil G

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    Hey Kevin, if our government had not banned handguns back in 1997 I'd have lent you one of my custom S&W 625's I had built for competition shooting, Bianchi Cup and Pins. Happy days. :)

  8. punt66

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    That exact thing happened on my shindy power broom. it was 1 year old and wouldnt start this spring. The primer bulb stayed compressed. The dealer took it the carb apart and sprayed and sprayed. Still wpouldnt run. $80 later and a new carb it ran perfect. Those tiny passages are hard to clean.
  9. mowermankevin

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    What are you still doing up? Just sent you a P.M., so it should come in soon. Getting ready to go out and play,(too hot to do anything else, 100 plus hurricane Dolly humidity, the only clouds we've seen, so mix temp/humidity and were @ 105 for a nice cool summer day, sorry I'm outta here, (my garage,the wife is gone,dogs asleep on the tile floors,sounds like a perfect time to cut loose on the junk people want me to fix,(than when they get the price, they never show up again), time for some fun!!!! Talk to Ya Later Mr. Phil, Now I'm going to tell you the same way you told the fella to go stand in the corner (that was great), GO GET SOME SLEEP
  10. Breezmeister

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    Take the muffler off and look into the exhaust port to see if you have a build up of carbon, if so clean it out and that should solve your bogging problem.
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