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string trimmers and blowers

Shane Woods

LawnSite Member
Could someone please give me some opinions on what kind of blowers and trimmers you use? In the past I have tried several brands. I like the Stihl backpack blowers but they don't seeem to hold up very well. The last trimmer I tried was a Shindiawa T27 and it seems to be the best I have seen so far. Any input would be appreciated, Thanks

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
Shindaiwa and Red Max are very popular on this forum. As TJLC said, try the search page I did and click on trimmers, blowers, ect, middle link below.



upstate new york
As for a blower I would recomend an Echo pb 650 for a BP blower, or an Echo pb 230 for a handheld. Trimmer would have to be an Echo srm 2601 (now changed to a srm 260)


LawnSite Member
Hoopeston, IL
I have used shindawa T-230 trimmers and 240 hand held blowers for years. I feel that they are indestructable. Mine have a zillion hours on them with no problems.


LawnSite Senior Member
Eastern NC
Two things in life that are a sure bet: I mean, they will NEVER let you down. One is a hooker, the other is ANY Shindaiwa product. I would opt for the Shindaiwa product, that way If you get your picture on the front page of the local newspaper with it, your wife won't leave you.