string trimmers around white vinyl fences

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by farmmower, May 22, 2013.

  1. farmmower

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    Tried to search this but can't find a solution. Just took over 5 acres with vinyl fencing, both vertical and horizontal slats and vinyl posts. Notice that I can't keep the chlorophyll off the posts and vertical slats, looks bad. There was no green on the fence from previous owner so wondering if there is a secret? The grass grows right up to and under the fence. No way I could keep the damp green off the white. Does it wash off in the rain or is there a secret? Thinking of using Roundup under fence and around posts but just to reduce the work but the trimmer splashing the green on the white is another issue. I don't know if the professional lawn guys have a solution to this but I probably have half mile or more of fenceline inside and outside the yard. Don't want to permanently stain the white vinyl. Thanks.
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    I would spray it and kill it. You will have a brown line but when the grass grows you wont even see it unless you are looking down the row. It works great. Another option is to have someone use a blower from the other side to push it away from fence then you weedeat it. It blows it back and isnt flawless but it works better than just wacking it down. Good luck!
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    What jay said, roundup but yes the green.will fade.
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    Good info., thanks for the ideas. Thought maybe I had ruined the look of part of the fence. Too much to go back and scrub individually so maybe it will fade out. I like the Roundup idea and any weeds that come up there will be easy to include when spraying dandelions.
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    There is a product called Embark that is a T/O growth regulator. There is another called Edgeless.
    I presume you are certified for applications since you chose to apply glyphosate to the fencerow around the property. Assuming you understand that if you have a beautifully green lawn, by applying a 4 inch border will become a 6 inch or more border wide after the gly runs through the stolons and rhysomes. You may make a customer severely irritated. However, by applying a growth regulator after first line trimming the fencing, will and can cease trimming for up to 8 weeks. The rate is anywhere from 0.5 ounces to 1.1 ounces per m.
    I would discuss your plans before spraying gly around a nice fencerow.
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    Glyphosate is not the best choice for kill edging. It bleeds out way past where it was originally applied. The fashion in Hawaii is to make walls out of stacked and mortared volcanic rocks. Almost impossible to trim nicely. Diquat or Finale works well as a kill edger applied in a 1-2" band next to that kind of wall. Do it with RoundUp with a non calibrated hand piece and the dead area could be as much as 6-8" wide in addition to not being a sharp line of kiled grass. An 8001 tip operated at 40 PSI and held close to the ground will apply a 2" band.
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    The product is ProDeuce and will be used on my own yard. It contains a pre and post emergent along with Glyphosate. Was recommended by a lawn specialist. I will try it and plan to use a straight edge when I apply it to the strip where the mower does not cut the grass on either side of the fence, about 4 inches I think.
  8. Horizon Jay

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    I've never had issues with glyphosate . I believe it's all attributed to the rate In which u apply it as well as drift with wind. Good luck original poster. U will b fine. Please reply with results. Thanks!
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