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    Is there a formula you can use when bidding for only string trimming/edging. I'm in the process of bidding a Parkway that run 1.4 miles long, with sidewalks and medians that need to be edged and string trim. I am wondering is there a formula you guys use to help with building. I read somewhere on this forum that it take 3600/FT/Hour to Edge, havn't found one for string trimming. Is this formula right or are there other formulas out there? if so, can you please share. Have to turn bid in on the 22nd of March. Thanks for your help. God Bless!!
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    I have been working on this idea for a month now. I have made a couple posts but haven't really gotten any replies. I have been recording my times. I see the times vary widely. I haven't split the edging and trimming up. I use a string trimmer for all but the worst edging.
    My most recent property is 2 acres with chain link perimeter and a large circle. It took an hour to do all the trimming and edging. 1741 ft. of trimming and 550 ft of edging.
    That also includes knocking down small weeds in a 50 x 5 bed. It comes to around 2,350 linear feet an hour.
    I have been recording times for a month. I have noticed that the simplest obstacles really add time to the trimming. For Instance I have 1 customer with 800ftof chain link that has what we call potato rocks stacked at the bottom. Rocks varying in size from softball to ping pong ball sizes. That property has a really high trim time. The rocks act like shields, keeping you from getting to the grass. Another property with chain link and bricks set in the ground in front of the fence. Same thing. Now you are edging bricks and trimming a fence. I haven't gotten far enough along to create a formula based on difficulty, but I have found that in the large properties, difficulty must be considered. Property with ant mounds every 15 foot in the edging, for instance, kill your time. On a 8,000 sq ft lot, you would hardly notice the extra time spent.
    Hope this helps some, it isn't a formula, but it is hard data. BTW, when I trim I am trying to get every blade of grass other words I am being picky. The parkway probably would not need that kind of attention.
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    I mow a cemetery. Walking up and down all the stones adds up to about 8 miles and I can do it in about 6 hours. Dunno if that helps haha
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    I may have a chance to bid on a cemetery. Around 5 acres, no idea how many headstones. How do you figure time on something like that? It seems like until you mow it, it would be a tough guess.

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