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Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by twobroslawns, May 24, 2011.

  1. twobroslawns

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    I was hoping that a Gravely guy could help me out...

    Our 1332 G leaves a strip of uncut grass down the middle. We tried sharpening and new blades, but that doesn't fix it. However, we took the mulch kit off and that fixed the problem - the only problem with that is we have to have the mulch kit on to keep grass out of the beds in all the small, tight yards we do. So mulch kit off is out of the question...

    Any thoughts?
  2. uwharrie

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    First off make sure the mulch cover has holes in it to vent the air out. Next you may need to change and try different types of blades, maybe an air foil type blade. The problem seems to be a air flow problem and these fixes have helped us in areas where our customers mow grasses taller. Hope this helps.
  3. twobroslawns

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    The blades that were on it when we bought it were air-foil type blades and it left the strip down the middle then, too.

    What do you mean holes? This is the full mulch kit with the baffles around each blade, not just a discharge chute cover...

  4. hammmerhead

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    I have had good luck with the mulch kit and the wavy blades that came with it. It certainly isnt made to cut really tall stuff or cut fast, but for a manicured yard the setup turns my Zoysia to powder. Due to fungus from thatch on my grass, Im going back to bagging.

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