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strip kit new brackets

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I got the new brackets in on Thursday. I spent Thursday afternoon reinstalling my strip kit. The brackets worked very good. I used the new kit on my first lawn Friday afternoon. It worked good and the lawn looked good. Sorry but I didn't have a digital camera available for that day. Went to my second lawn and I had the dreaded "kickstand" happen to me. I was trying to mow a ditch that I always mow. One of the new brackets somehow swiveled forwards and the other bracket went backwards, causing the strip kit to dig into the ground and effectively putting me up on blocks. I tried to push the mower off but that was impossable. I had to get my tools and try and take off the kit, in the ditch. It added an extra hour to my mowing time on Friday. Just thought I would share my latest on the strip kit. I hope all went well for you others out there with your new brackets.

Hustler, how about we work on making a nice roller to go on the Super Z, just my opinion. A roller wouldn't effect the handling of the Z. By looking at Exmarks I wouldn't think it would be to hard for the engineers at Hustler to make one.

Thanks All,

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mowerconsultant, Just wondering if Hustler has come up with any new strip kits or are working on any, or just what they are up to with our imput?? I tried to email you personally two or three times, that didn't seem to work.

We are currently still in testing mode with the current kit.
I am having issues with my MSN mail right now....I am pretty sure it is fixed now....I will go back and look for your e-mail...
Had to take mine off also, same thing. so i,m witout anything now!!
I feel whatever they do it needs to go on the deck and not the mower it's self. getting stuck to often.
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