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  1. signal10

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    I just purchased a new 2013 super z with the 72" deck and I love it. Although the mower stripes pretty good I really want to add a stripe kit on the machine so the stripes in the lawn last more than a couple days. My dealer wasn't really sure about the new kit for the vx4 deck and really didn't make any recommendations. Has anyone had any expierence with a 72" vx4 deck and the stripe kit? Does it tear up the yard when turning or backing? I have a friend who has to raise the deck of his JD or the striper will tear the yard. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    Find a industrial piece of rubber and mount it behind your deck. You will save a lot of money and it works just as good as rollers
  3. mtmower

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    I had the early rubber stripe kit on a standard deck SZ and the roller striper on the XR7 66" and neither caused any damage.

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