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stripeing kits


LawnSite Member
Greensboro, NC
I'm tring to get a good stripe with my toro&quot;s it's leaving a fant stripe and i would like to have a more defind looking strip like ERIC .Do anyone have any suggestion? If anyone is useing a stripeing kit please give me a description on what your useing!<br>


LawnSite Silver Member
GLC--your question is a popular one on this forum. I can't speak to all mowers as to whether there are striping kits available, but I know that the stripe is inherent to some units without any &quot;kit&quot;.<p>for example: I run a lesco 48, belt. it stripes as well as any unit I've seen with no striping kit. I can't mow without stripes unless I mow a circle pattern around the yard.<p>I suppose there are many factors that goes into a great stripe. great looking grass helps alot!<p>GEO