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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rpoe, May 21, 2007.

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    I've been studying all the posts regarding homemade stripers, planning on making my own. It seems to be agreed that the striper only needs to fit inside the width of the rear tires, as the tires act as stripers themselves. This is a great design, and keeps the width of the striper to a minimum.

    My problem with my 72" deck is that it extends almost a foot beyond the outside edges of the rear tires. For the striper to be effective, it will have to be a full 72" in width. Just seems to me that at that point, the hassle of dealing with it outweighs the benefits of the stripes. I'm afraid I'll be wrapping it around trees and gateposts everytime I mow around one.

    Am I missing something here? Surely some 72" decks have striping kits. Any advice would be appreciated. Mower is a Dixon SilverTip.
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    I'm in the process of building my own striper kit which is a replica of the big league lawn kit. It is going to be awesome! They say the striper kit should be 4 - 6 inches shorter then your deck to allow for overlap when cutting. I have a 48'' deck so I'm planning on making my roller to 42''. Good luck!
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    Here is what deck rollers on the Tank M72 can do.

    You can see the wheel marks, and the overlap. I would guess that I have about 6" of overlap. more or less. I have never mesured the full stripe, but I do understand what you are talking about.

    Before someone makes strange comments about the grass, let me state that this is what used to be a hay field/pasture, there are ruts, bumps and holes all through it. Its a mix of tall grass prairie, brome, with some fescue. In this shot the farther you are from where I am standing the more prarie there is. If it is not cut for 2 weeks, you can see blue stem, buffalo and some other native grasses that I have no idea what the names are, they really stand out in comparison to the fescue, especially the blue stem as it is really blue when everything else starts to go brown. The Buffalo keeps it from looking burned out in August. I have only once worked to get turf, and that wase from the tree you see on the right up towards the house.

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    My guess is that it produces little to no stripe at all now right?

    If so, and you want close to a full width stripe, the only way to get it probably is to use a full width roller.

    My guess is that it is probably a 60" frame size with a 72" cut.
    Around 10" or more of deck out past the tires on both sides.

    Take me two side profile shots of the mower.
    One on each side.
    Then one more on each side closer up detail of the area between the rear tires and the rear of the deck.

    Then a front and rear shot.

    Post them here, and I'll help you get a good roller built that will do the job cheap, last a long time and not be a snagging problem like the tag-along rollers that mount behind the mowers.

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