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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by anythinglawns, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. anythinglawns

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    After finishing up today at one of my new customers homes, she comes out,looks at the yard and says. "Boy that really looks nice, only one problem. Those stripes are just too fancy for my neighorbor hood." She told me she did not want her neighbors to think she is trying to out do them. She is the only person on her street that pays for lawn service all other do it themself. I told her that stripes are very popular and everyone else wants them, but she instist they are too fancy for her neighbor hood.
    I have never heard that before. Someone not wanting there yard to look it's best because there neighbors might not like it.
  2. eslawns

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    I had one old guy tell me to go around the yard basically in circles, because that's the way he'd always done in on the ole John Deere. I told him I didn't do it to make the stripes, but because it was the most efficient way to mow it, and that I may need to charge more money. In the end he told me to do it however I wanted too. I never heard anything like the yard being fancy. What a moron.
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    I am new here what are stripes. I am starting out in a month mowing lawns this summer for extra money.
  4. AK Lawn

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    I have had a few clients that do not lioke strips, not sure why just thought that they looked wierd, what ever, it is more efficent as well as nicer
    AK Lawn
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    not gonna say who but i think mabe we have a few people playin withus lately. dont bother me ,i been playin all my life.dont think we are that easy tho.we ll see
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  7. toby

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    Stripes are the scourge of the lawncare industry and the pacifier of the solo op.

  8. GreenQuest Lawn

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    Dont knock it cause you can't do it! Around here no stripes no work.

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    Now, THAT'S what it's all aBOUT!:cool:

    Wow! One more post, and I'll have 2000! My, how time flys!:D
  10. Runner

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    Now, THAT'S what it's all aBOUT!:cool:

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