Stripes in the South all year long? New grass variety

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stonewall, Jun 19, 2001.

  1. Stonewall

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    Does anybody now much about this new grass? Sounds interesting. This from Grounds Maintenance.

    Reveille, a cross of Kentucky bluegrass with Texas native bluegrass, is now available in limited quantities. It was developed by Dr. James Read, a Texas A&M grass breeder and geneticist in Dallas. The result is a turf that looks similar to Kentucky bluegrass but is hardy enough to stand the South`s heat and sun.

    "Even more important than its looking like a Kentucky horse farm, it stays green all year long, in warm season climates," said Read. "Reveille showed heat tolerance, low water use and good insect and disease resistance, but most of all, it stays green winter and summer. "Only extraordinary circumstances would make it temporarily lose color - prolonged drought or a sudden hard freeze at a time when the grass is actively growing. In either situation it recovers and doesn`t go dormant even in these extreme conditions. Commercial areas and corporate complexes could find this very attractive and might even lower their landscape maintenance costs. "Dr. James McAfee, Texas Agricultural Extension Service turfgrass specialist, agrees.

    "So many people want a green lawn all year," he said. "Their only choice up to now was overseeding with ryegrass in winter to maintain the aesthetics of a green lawn around the complex. We don`t know costs of this new turf yet, but anything that reduces labor should be beneficial. And it`s much less labor intensive to maintain the same turf than converting back and forth as seasons change. "This great new bluegrass provides year-round green lawn without all the complicating factors," said McAfee. "It may never replace bermuda and St. Augustine as the basic turf in this area, but it certainly has a much-needed use we haven`t had before."

    Read developed the grass at the Texas A&M Agricultural Research Center in Dallas after 12 years of research and trials. He made the successful cross in 1990.Adapted from Canadian plains to the desert southwest, the grass "needs good drainage -- doesn`t like wet feet -- but doesn`t mind the hot sun," said Read. "Another advantage is that it can be started any time, except for the coldest part of winter when the ground is frozen. "Even for people who hate mowing, regardless of the time of year, Reveille only needs mowing about once a month in the winter. That`s not bad when your lawn stays green all year and you don`t have to contend with dead, dry grass in cold weather. It`s a slow grower and produces a seed head only in the spring. "Growers are now establishing sod fields. Reveille will be available as sod late this year "but in very limited quantities," warned Read. "We need another year to produce enough sod to supply consumers.

    The research was funded in part by Gardner Turfgrass, which has the worldwide rights to the grass. The company is licensing growers through out the South and transition zone. It is currently available in limited quantities in Arizona and El Paso, Texas. It will be available later this year in Dallas, San Antonio and Albuquerque. Other locations coming online next year are in North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Utah and possibly Missouri and Illinois. There is no seed available at this time but there will be limited quantities in the fall for special projects only.

    Reveille hybrid bluegrass developed by:

    James Read, Ph.D, Professor Plant Breeding, Forage and Turfgrass Cooperating researchers include:

    Phillip Colbaugh, Ph.D. William Knoop, Ph.D. James Reinert, Ph.D.

    Contact: Stan Gardner, Gardner Turfgrass, Inc. 303-252-1900
  2. geogunn

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    I am damn tired of my transition blend fescue taking a dive when it hits 90 degrees. I'd like to try some of this stuff.

  3. David Gretzmier

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    having seeded different bluegrasses, I love the color in the winter, but they have little or no natural heat and sun tolerance. I wonder how even the best cross could be THAT good. It is like the best bermuda- it still won't grow in the shade. I'd like to overseed it in some tall fescue and thin bermuda areas this fall to try it out. Dave g
  4. awm

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    stuff sounds interesting. also sounds like longer mowing seasons
    now to find out if i can mix it into my fescue,and were on.
  5. ChadsLawn

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    just how far south will this greass grow
  6. Stonewall

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    It sounds like it will grow anywhere in the South. But this article is the only info I have on it.
  7. HOMER

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    Now maybe I won't have to move North to cut some of that "good" grass. I read the article and was wondering the same thing, how far south will it grow? I can't wait for it to catch on down here, bout time we had something other than bahai to cut.
  8. Homer, I thought you loved Bahai. You are always raving about it, or is that ranting about it :rolleyes: .
  9. Leonard

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    Gardener Turfgrass, Inc. ( has this turfgrass available, but you won't find any literature about it on their website. I'm waiting for them to return my call, because I'm eager to get my hands on this stuff. Has anyone had any luck with getting more info?

    I'd love to get rid of my current turf. I'm sick of St. Aug and fed up with fighting off the Bermudacrap too. I can't wait to be the only one in my neighborhood with a Bluegrass lawn. Can you guess who'll be having the block parties?? :p
  10. Leonard

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