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Stripes ruined by True Green

Cut 2 Please

LawnSite Member
Montgomery, Al
Picked up a couple of residencials next door to each other this week and cut them for the first time yesterday. They are two high end homes that back up to a golf course. I study the best way to stripe them and went at it. When I finished and was loading my equipement True Green pulls to spraying just one of the yards. They had that funky blue dye in with the chemical. When the guy got done you could not see the stipes on that yard. Man it hurt my feelings because it looked pretty good considering the grass is just starting to come out. Oh well, I guess I have the rest of the summer.

Expert Lawns

LawnSite Silver Member
It always bothered me when the fert guys would come in with their riding sprayers and mess up my artwork. I guess they're just doing their job. It just doesn't look as nice when they get done.


LawnSite Fanatic
I have had the similar problem before. It just really chokes your goat


LawnSite Senior Member
Big friken deal, you will be there every week, they will be there maybe 3-5 times!

But it would make me mad none the less!

Just like the way those leaves cover up all my stripes in the fall! Chaps my behind...


LawnSite Member
Long Island, NY
The blue dye is called Tracker. Fert companies use it to see where they have sprayed. So they dont spray the same weeds twice and waste product. I wouldn't take it personally. In the long run they will make your artwork look better by killing all the weeds in the lawn.


LawnSite Silver Member
I would take it personally as to not selling them a fert package in the first place. I know it is one thing after just mowing to go and mess up your own stripe puting fert down but to have someone else take money out of your hands and you letting them. HMMM. I would work on trying to get that fert program.


LawnSite Senior Member
I dont mind them running over the lawn and messing up my stripes, but it makes me mad when they go to fast on their turns and rip the lawn up. Rrrrrrrrr, that makes me mad.