Stripes viewed from 2000 Feet!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RayoVac, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. RayoVac

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    Went flying with a buddy this weekend. Buzzed the ole' homestead and noticed... "Hey I can see my stripes up here!". Thought you guys might get a kick out of some 2000 ft. stripes.

    View of the back.

    From the front.

    Side view... can't really see stripes... but still cool.
  2. Runner

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    Wow! SOME of those people have some pretty serious docks, don't they? That sure is a nice place around there!
  3. RayoVac

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    Yes... our side of the lake stays pretty shallow. We only have a jet ski now... but when we had a boat... our pier was 276' from shore. At that distance we where still only about thigh to waist deep... just enough to float the boat on the lift. Once you get about 300' from shore it drops off. The folks on the other side of the lake have it much easier... they only have to put out about 40' of pier.

    Here is a pic of what it looked like when we put out all the pier. This was end of season boat and jet skis already taken in.[​IMG]
  4. TClawn

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    rayovac, did you ever work out that scalping problem around the trees?
  5. willretire@40

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  6. RayoVac

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    Yes... I think I have it licked. I went through the deck leveling procedure in the manual. I am cutting at 3.75" and have the anti-scalps where they are recommended by Exmark. Also lowered the Stripe roller to where Exmark recommends for 3.5" or higher. I don't notice the uneven cut at all now. It seems to be cutting MUCH better. And when I went through the deck level procedure... it was WAY off. Thanks for all your help. I meant to PM you and thank you for your assistance.... I guess I got all excited about the cut and forgot. :blush:
  7. RayoVac

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    Ummm you caught me.... sorry I posted in the Commercial form. :p

    I wish I could do lawn maintenance for a living.

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