Stripes with Toro 62" Z Master

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Spurgeon, Aug 5, 2001.

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    Viperman, how many times do you need to get hit in the head with a basball bat before it hurts? I think once is enough for most of us! Grass is a living thing and you can mow it too much. Of course, no mower makers will tell you that. Just use common sense. Oh...sorry...excuse me. I forgot that you're in the business to tell people they need overkill. I apologize.
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    i never said mow it 80 times a week,i said striping the grass causes no stress o damage whatsoever to the grass,take for example eric elm, he cuts his lawns once a week and they look just perfect in my opinionif you don't believe me, click here
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    As I said, I apologize. It was my mistake. Had I taken the time to realize that you are an expert from Birmingham, AL I would not have made any comment at all. Please forgive me. You are right and I am wrong. I forgot who I was dealing with. Role Tide!
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    i'm an auburn fan!,, you didn't do anything wrong,, there have been worse screw ups!:)
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    Eric, all this time and money for nothing! Wow for damaged lawns yours sure look GREAT!!!!!
  6. I was just wondering Eric, Since all your lawns are damaged now what your going to do for work. I have a full time opening for ya!

    Wait I guess I'm out of work too. Darn I guess I will have to find another job anyone hiring. I can come and work for you and damage your lawns too if we make em look good


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    Thanks Rooster and Thanks Mike for the job offering.

    I guess I'll just have to put on three blades per spindle upside down and install the 150 hp Jet engine and see if I can hover over the lawns so I don't do so much damage. I'll get the hang of this mowing thing one of these days and I did learn something new today. ;)
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    The Toro Z Master does not use a roller but an optional striping kit that consists of a rubber strip that attaches to the back of the mower deck. The rubber strip reminds me of a steel belted radial tire cut into 62 inch strips.

    The rubber has two sets of holes: 1) light strip and 2) heavy strip. I think I paid 49.00 for the kit at my local Toro dealer.
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    Most golf courses mow the roughs from 1 1/2" to 3" and we seem to have no problems leaving great looking stripes with no turf damage.
    We have even been known to simply fasten a piece of 1/4" chain across the back of the deck and use it to add the stripes.
    If you try the chain idea please insure that your operator does not attempt to back up with the deck down and engaged or your parts supplier will be really happy.
  10. ERICatELM's DC and sevral others I have seen run chains behind the rear tires to help with striping

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