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    I recently joined the site, and prior to that, had seen only a couple of places that have been striped. Now that I've seen some of the pictures of your lawns, I know of a couple of customers who would like this done and the yard would look great when finished. I have a 52" 23 hp Lazer Z HP. I know that the striping kit would need to be purchased, but exactly how do you stripe? I know you go back and forth, but do you make a lap around the yard first to accomodate the turns? I don't want to get in someone's yard and experiment only to end up screwing it up. I would like to know something about it first. Also what kind of grass is best to stripe? I know bahia is probably the worst just because well...just because it sucks and is not really grass in my opinion anyway. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.

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    Striper works great on the exmark, real simple. I usally mow the perimiter and then pick a spot,aim for it, and then back and forth. Next week same but at a differnt angle.
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    what ^^^^ said. I like to do the following weeks stripes at a right angle to the first. I do the perimeter of a big area first and last, first to accomodate turns then after to erase the turn marks.
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    Fubba I go 2 passes around the entire property that leaves more room when turning, also try doing a 3 point turn when going onto the next pass. As for stripes I just put a set of BigLeagueLawn stripping kit on and even the crapier lawns look great, check them out at their site they have several applications. Your lawns will look a lot nicer just make sure you can go in a very straight line with a kit! :waving:

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