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    what is the best way to get good stripes buy a stripping kit make my own or deck rake if you have made your own let me know how it worked out
  2. Wells

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    If you do a search you'll find several threads where people have mad their own stripping kit. Seems like several people have make them out of short lenghts of chain that attach to the rear of the mower.
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  4. Grits

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    Like your site!
  5. BW Landscaping

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    Does having a website actually help??? why have one????
  6. Raven386

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    Thank you! gay red cape wearer! :laugh:
  7. Raven386

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    ive gotten 2 calls from my website and i havent advertised it yet. i just got a bunch of stuff from Vistaprint. (all free) postcards, business cards, magnets, & a stamp. they all came out pretty good... but the people that called said they did a search for lawn care on Yahoo and found my website, said it looked pretty good, said the pictures of the lawns looked really good and decided to give me a call. its nice because even the older generations have computers so they can stay in touch with their families. my girlfriends grandfather never leaves the comfort of his computer chair. so to answer your question IMO, having a website does help, and its already paid for itself for the whole year and the next too. when you search on Yellowpages, you see a lot of listings for lawn care, but you only see 5 that have websites. and IMO id visit them before i just called some random company.

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